Calls for travel restrictions

The difference between infection levels in all of Northern Ireland, around 500 per 100K and Glasgow, 189 per 100K, is now comparable to that in June, when the First Minister imposed a travel ban between Scotland and Manchester.

The surge in Northern Ireland shows no sign of slowing and the increase, though from a lower base, less than half, in Scotland further reinforces the need for travel restrictions:

According to the Record:

Glasgow is set to see over 30 Orange Walks on just one day next month after coronavirus restrictions were relaxed.

Thousands are expected to participate in the marches on September 18 as 34 parades have been planned.

Limits to outdoor gatherings were lifted on August 9 allowing the marches to restart.

Will the Scottish Government do the right thing again?

5 thoughts on “Calls for travel restrictions

    1. Murdo says —-
      “if you blaw through a tin whistle, march with thousands of sweating, shouting (Nooo Shurrrrendddurrrr) men with flags, whilst banging a big drum” then all will be UKOK—– as it will be a PATRIOTIC British/NornIron Covid-19 infection which will be the end of you.

      If you object to this, you must be a fanatical, free-dumb-hating “normal” and we all know the Tories HATE us normals!

      Especially the vast majority of normals, who refuse year after year to vote for Murdo.

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  1. Bigoted, racist misogynists illegally ruling the streets is a disgrace. Unequal and. Unfair. They blackball people. There is not open membership. Secret illegal societies have no place in open democracy. Especially bothering other taxpayers and spoiling economy. Disruptive. Policing and healthcare extra costs. The old handshake and the wink for illegal preference and purposes in public office and private spaces. Corruption and misuse of public monies. Corruption in high places.

    Other taxpayers and citizens paying for the disruption and often violent, anti social, behaviour. A bunch of thugs. Annoying others. They are banned in most parts of Scotland. People do not have time for them.

    The Churches have rights and privileges above the Law. The equal opportunity and employment Law.


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