Catastrophic failure in NHS Wales leads to no mention of the health minister

From BBC Wales today:

There were also the highest attendances at A&E departments since the pandemic began and waiting time performance was the worst on record.

The target is that 95% of patients should be seen within four hours but that fell to 69.8% in July.

This dropped as low as 44.7% at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Denbighshire and 43.8% at the new Grange University Hospital in Torfaen.

In July, NHS Scotland saw 85% within 4 hours and only one recorded less than 80% – NHS Lanarkshire at 79.6% seen in 4 hours.

So, overall NHS Scotland operating 20% better and tow Welsh boards only half as good as NHS Lanarkshire?

These are shocking figures but opposition parties appear only at the end to call them ‘bleak’ or ‘catastrophic.’

The Conservatives called the figures “catastrophic”, saying Wales should be seeing improvements after it moved from the peak of the pandemic.

Health spokesman Russell George said: “To record the worst ever A&E waiting times and the longest NHS treatment waiting list in the same month shows a complete lack of leadership.”

Plaid Cymru said the figures painted a bleak picture and called for a long-term plan.

“We cannot be trapped in an endless cycle where waiting times are getting increasingly worse and the only solution the government can come up with is to provide short-term fixes which change very little in the long run,” said health spokesman Rhun ap Iorwerth.

The Minister, Eluned Morgan MS, is not mentioned, never mind photographed.

But in Scotland:

SCOTLAND’S casualty departments have recorded their joint-worst performance in three years with more than a fifth of patients waiting longer than four hours.

Rivals accused Health Secretary Humza Yousaf of ignoring a “crisis” after A&E wards posted near record-low waiting time stats for the third week running.

Scottish Conservative public health spokesman Dr Sandesh Gulhane said the figures showed a “fully-fledged crisis”.

“Humza Yousaf has to start listening to NHS staff. A summer of inaction and delay is harming frontline services,” he said.

Scottish Labour health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said the statistics laid bare the disaster that was unfolding in A&E services.

She said: “The SNP needs to get its act together, start listening to frontline staff and patients, and re-mobilise the NHS so that people do not have to end up at the front door of A&E.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton staff were doing their best to cope with Covid pressures but the NHS was on its knees.

“The pressures have been building for months but the health secretary has been dawdling on an NHS Recovery plan,” he said.

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7 thoughts on “Catastrophic failure in NHS Wales leads to no mention of the health minister

  1. I saw the report on BBC News channel, Welsh spokesman conceded figures were bad but encouragingly they detected some reduction in patients who had been waiting over 12 months

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  2. At least they can’t now post a photo of the brilliant Jeanne Freeman looking like she has literally just murdered someone. That line, ‘re-mobilise the NHS so that people do not have to end up at the front door of A & E’.
    Ok, so what does ‘re-mobilise’ mean? Also ‘front door’, is there a back door to A&E? It seems there is only a back door A&E for far too many folk in Labour run Wales and no doubt many parts of England as well. Better be taken into A&E by the ‘front door’ than the back door!

    The NHS in England and Wales, are being dismantled, ie, being readied for full privatisation, how scary is that.
    Scotland’s NHS is in definitely in the BritNats’ sights next…no thanks.
    The BritNats use phrases like ‘re-mobilise’, which is code for, ‘sell off and stuff you poor folk who won’t be treated because you won’t have insurance diddums’.

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  3. If only Jackie Baillie and co were in charge of Health Care in Scotland , then we in Scotland could rival the Welsh and English stats .
    I suppose I will just have to be content with the best Health Service in the UK !
    Poor us !

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  4. Labour did not support MUP and the smoking ban. They wanted people to die and the healthcare bill to rise. NHS UK funding £139Billion to £145Billion.

    An increasingly elderly population, without migration, healthcare needs increased funding. 20% elderly of the pop use 80% of service? The fragility of the human body. The pandemic shows how desperately the population cares for the elderly and wants to protect them. Their mums and dads, grannies and granddads etc. The desperation to protect the elderly. Major concerns and caring for the elderly who could be most affected. Developing the vaccine to protect people. A considerable achievement.

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