Astonishing infection control in Scotland’s hospitals deserves praise

In the week ending 25th July, 9 476 (98.4%) Covid cases were picked up in the community (house parties, clubs, sporting events and on transport). Only 10 out of 9 630 (0.1%) were definitely picked up in a hospital.

This is a frankly astonishing level of infection control across 279 hospitals.

This data is hardly ever reported. BBC Scotland’s Lisa Summers will tweet excitedly if the graph goes up at all.

NHS England deals with this by not reporting at all but a study published in Hospital Healthcare Europe suggested a figure of 10% over the first wave:

Over 1 in 10 COVID-19 infections were hospital-acquired

5 thoughts on “Astonishing infection control in Scotland’s hospitals deserves praise

  1. Lisa Summers should be reporting on ”BBC Acquired Infections ” which are particularly disorientating , causing the infected to ignore Good News about Scotland on a daily basis but fixate on negative issues .
    Those recovering from this can often be hit by variants such as The Marr Variant or the Wark Variant , both of which require isolation in a BBC London HQ where similarly infected patients can be quarantined until there is no Good News to report .
    Sadly , due to the Long BBC Variant , it is unlikely that any vaccine will allow these poor souls to be able ever to report Good News about Scotland .

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  2. Great news John.

    Oops, there’s a cushie-doo flying 2 miles out from Glasgow.
    Headlining on Repressing Scotland tonight!

    Somehow Lisa S. will big up pigeon doo dah on a rooftop, but never finds time to report on NHS Wales record waiting times, or the vast patient backlogs building in NHS England.

    And Glen C. will report on whatever p!sh “Wishing” Wells and “Jackanory” Ballie dig up from the BIG book of— “Brit Nits Lies, Fabrications and outright Porkies”— they keep in the Hi Jack Bunker.

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  3. Appalling that this is deliberately ignored by the BBC and their ilk. Any actual public broadcaster would report this good news story at the very least, to alleviate peoples’ fears about seeking timely medical help when required. Despicable when the so called media, and the Brit state would rather people suffer and even die, in order to keep their SNP bad stories going. I worry about what the Brit state might try, in the run up to the COP26 event happening in November.

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  4. Imagine Ffoulkesake’s response were such as this published, not that PQ’s Editor would even contemplate positivity…

    When all is said and done, this is the result of massive efforts in Scotland’s NHS to minimise a problem which had plagued all hospitals for a very long time indeed…

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