Covid: No sense of perspective whatsoever only panic

In the Herald:

COVID cases in Scotland were already rising in the week leading up to the new Beyond Zero freedoms, in what has been described as a “spillover effect” from restrictions easing in July.

The latest data from Public Health Scotland shows that the average number of positive cases by specimen date – that is, the date an infected individual submitted a swab for testing – climbed by nearly 10 per cent between August 2 and 8, the day before most Covid rules ended.

Covid infection levels have been rising in the last few days, before the most recent easing of lockdown measures or ‘beyond zero’ as they put and, yes, by 10%.

Is that 10% relatively large of small? How worrying is it? See this:

The infection level in Northern Ireland is rocketing from a base 3 times that in Scotland and heading toward 4 times.

The level in England is climbing steadily from a base 2 times the level in Scotland.

The level in Wales is rocketing in the last day from a base just below that in Scotland, from 19.3 cases per 100k to 24.6 in just 24 hours.

The level in Ireland is 50% higher than in Scotland.

Shouldn’t responsible media be putting things into that kind of context?

6 thoughts on “Covid: No sense of perspective whatsoever only panic

  1. Attack dogs have no concept whatsoever of context far less comparison with your neighbours
    It is the most basic of Human instincts to have a wee deek over the fence to compare the grass
    Therefore in conclusion, one on a anthropolical basis
    Must assume indeed they truly are dogs and mad ones at that

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  2. Over the course of the pandemic most of us – those who want to look at things in a measured way – have learned that there are several indicators to be used in addition to the number of infections and whether these are rising or falling – R number, hospitalisation, ICU, deaths as a proportion of infections, distribution of infections across Scotland, positive tests, growth of vaccinations, growing expertise amongst medics.

    All the baleful yoons are interested in is a single datum that, decontextualised, seems bad.

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  3. Whatever will the British nationalist media do once Covid19 is over. I suppose that we know the answer, they will continue to make things up, and to find fault in pretty much everything that the SNP does, or doesn’t do, it doesn’t matter which.
    The British nationalist media are at war with Scotland, it’s a one sided anti democratic propaganda assault. All that costs a lot of money, that being no barrier and a necessity in order to ensure that Scotland is denied independence. I don’t play chess, but I wonder where Scotland is on the board at the moment. There’s alot at stake.


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