Scotland’s leader denied rightful place at COP26

I haven’t, of course, read the above. I never do. Like most, I read the headline only and, sometimes, rebut it.

The conflation of the PM and the FM is a regular thing as, in desperation at her ratings, the Scottish media comically try to suggest Scotland is doing no better on outcomes in health, crime or education. I won’t revisit their sad delusions again here.

So, just on the environment:

Scotland has been catapulted to the top of the tables in Europe for countries who produce electricity from renewables – with latest available figures placing Scotland into the top three.

Scottish Government figures for 2020 show 97% of electricity in Scotland is produced from renewables.
When compared with the latest data from Eurostat for 2019, it takes Scotland into the top three of nations in Europe producing clean electricity.

In 2019, only Norway and Iceland produced more electricity from renewables than Scotland. Other nations behind Scotland in the table include Sweden, Denmark and Germany. It also puts Scotland way ahead of the UK as a whole which produces just 35% of electricity from renewables.

With 8% of the population, Scotland grows 46% of the new trees.

8% of the population but 20% of the electricity production: How Scotland subsidises Britain’s green power ‘achievement’

No doubt, there’s more but that’ll do for now.

5 thoughts on “Scotland’s leader denied rightful place at COP26

  1. Appealing to the uniformed, Mackay really is clutching at straws. Johnson is not fit to clean Nicola Sturgeon’s high heels, she has more intelligence and integrity in one hair on her head, than he has in his whole body, look at the state of him, er, um, er, is all he can muster, talk about embarrassing the government, I think we all cringe whenever he says anything, such an embarrassment.

    The British nationalist government must be terrified about COP26, being held in Scotland, oh oh, and no doubt plotting something underhand.
    The FM of Scotland most certainly should be leading the event, it’s in her country, where she is leader of the democratically elected government. Looks like the faux outrage at Johnson in the UK, is being used to try to tar the FM with the same (not so faux) brush, ie, not fit for office, good luck Neil Mackay, you little jobsworth.

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