The BBC has had more than 90 years to ‘get’ Scotland

Ian Murray MP (@IanMurrayMP) | Twitter

By Leah Gunn Barrett:

Ian Murray (Scotsman, August 5th) slavishly praises the British State broadcaster, the 2014 Project Fear cheerleader that lost any remaining trust it had in Scotland and has done nothing since to win it back.

The BBC is burnishing its Unionist credentials because it fears the Tories will deprive it of the license fee, a funding model that is a highly regressive broadcasting poll tax. Pensioner poverty is exacerbated now that over-75s are required to ante up for the £157 fee. It’s no surprise that Scots are short-changed by the BBC, paying in more than they get back, because it’s the same story with state pensions.

The BBC calls itself British in a nation where 62% of Scots identify as Scottish, not British. The BBC news is about England for the simple reason that 83% of the UK population lives south of the border where power lies. Scotland will never be an equal citizen in this Union. It’s a numbers game. England dominates the state broadcaster in the same way it dominates the smaller nations in Westminster. 

The BBC has had more than 90 years to ‘get’ Scotland but hasn’t. It’s a massively over-centralised and unfair organisation, where the money lavished on England is raised on the backs of the smaller Celtic nations. It consistently undermines confidence, trust and support for the Scottish Government, with the ultimate goal of depriving Scots of their right to govern themselves.  

Scotland can do better with its own publicly funded state broadcaster that accurately and fairly covers and serves the interests of Scotland. To imply that Scotland is incapable of providing this service is another example of talking down Scotland, something at which Ian excels.

12 thoughts on “The BBC has had more than 90 years to ‘get’ Scotland

  1. We would be winners
    If Mr Murray was ditched by his constituents at the next election
    This man is the most vile of Quislings
    And outshines Lord Haw Haw in the insidious department

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      1. Robert
        Hopefully in the future if the SNP/Greens deal works well
        Then the YES side shall plenty scope to keep out Tory,Labour & Lib
        By tactical voting
        The NO side have in desperation been
        Deploying successful vote switching
        To deny us in the past
        All they have really succeeded in is showing us how to do it
        Let the Pupil become the Master now

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  2. Previously (maybe 25 years ago?), Scottish labour announced that if the SNP fought for “cultural nationalism” Labour would be with them.

    Of course it was just another Labour lie. They have ALWAYS fought tooth and nail for the cultural destruction of Scotland. The BBC is a case in point.
    Scotland has never had a fair funding settlement.
    England gets 100% +.
    Wales gets 100%.
    Last I saw Scotland was receiving about 55%, and that includes makes programs which are “English” in all regards.
    There is more “Boleyn” history/drama/documentary in any one year than the entirety of Scottish history.
    English sport/news/politics/culture/perspective/history—and Scotland gets the utter dross of Repressing Scotland etc.
    Radio Scotland went from a shining light when launched to the Anglo-Irish rubbish it is now.
    The BBC is stripping Scotland of cultural awareness and any historic perspective of itself—and as Lard Baron Ffoulkesakia would say–
    “Its doing it deliberately”.
    Murray is a carpetbagging “Jock on the make”.

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  3. ‘BBC’ and ‘gold standard’ surely that’s a contradiction in terms. it’s a unionist propaganda machine, and a jobs for boys outfit, and sometimes girls if they tow the line and vote Labour or Tory and/or hate the SNP with a vengeance. On looking at twitter, it seems most folk in Scotland watched ‘the games’ via any medium but the BBC, because the ‘team GB’ stuff was so cringeworthy.
    The BBC is an enemy of Scotland as far as I am concerned, their bias and anti SNP stance is quite simply a disgrace.
    Who is this Murray guy anyway, what’s his job, is he in politics in Scotland.

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  4. This is Ian Murray paying the price for the tactical voting which keeps him in his sinecure as the last dodo in Scotland .
    He knows the BBC and the unionist support are his only way of avoiding having to leave Westminster and return to working for a living .

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  5. BBC costs £5Billion for that nonsense. Less viewers watch the ‘news’, especially in Scotland. They try to hide the viewing figures. 20,000 for the Nine. That is classed as successful. Westminster propaganda run by Tories, The MSM controlled by Westminster Press Office. Treating people with contempt. No one no one bothers with it. The Labour Party intertwined with BBC in Scotland. Unionist propaganda,

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  6. Author is bang on. However, there is still more. If the BBC are challenged they will point to the much greater money sent to the regions for programme making. What this conceals is that programmes that are basically set up in London, get the money sent up from London (let’s suppose to Cardiff) which then pays the private sector programme maker. Bargain Hunt is a good example of this – money sent by London to BBC Wales, who pay the bill but get their name shown at the end. Or a programme is made in Glasgow, but all the cast, technical back up is also sent up from London, so the facility is used but the effect on local employment is next to nothing at all.
    That said, Murray is no fool, for one of the fears of many Scots is losing their favourite prog. My own mother – believe it or not – voted No in 1978 because she was afraid we wouldnt get Corrie any more. Try arguing for independence if it meant the loss of Strictly and Match of the Day. We can sneer at folk like this, but they have a vote like the rest of us. What is needed is a plan for a Scottish Broadcasting company to take over what the BBC and ITA do in the way of. This organization would have to buy programmes in (or do you want BBC Scotland channel?). Is there any reason why many of these would not be from the BBC? Remember, they are going to take the financial hit – and a time when they cannot afford it – from the loss of the entire licence fee from Scotland, and as others have pointed out what is raised here is not spent here, so the economic consequences are going to be multiplied.
    There is a lot of stuff we could live without – BBC News for one thing – and there is scope for much more from Scotland (eg coverage of the Scottish political system without it being subservient to the UK, or focusing on Scottish culture without the cringe), but let’s be clear – we aint going to be able to cut off the BBC all at once.

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  7. Programmes with Scottish content sell successfully worldwide. People cannot get enough of it. Outlander, Brave Heart, Rebus, Still Game, Brave, even Trainspotting . An endless list of classic literature. Recognised the world over. Totally profitable. Along with the literature popular the world over. Priceless. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Muriel Sparks. Burns. Historical novels and production. Film industry made in Scotland. Sells the world over. A 40 million disporia. The Scottish brand.

    The Scottish recognition and input to the entertainment business. A marketable, recognisable commodity. Glasgow and other film locations. Showcasing Scotland. The tourist industry and reputation makes £Billions that would not be wasted. Or wasted in the south by Westminster mismanagement and poor decisions. Time after time after time, with no discussion or communication, Undemocratic, unequal and unfair,

    An Independence Scotland could have an even better entertainment, games industry based in Dundee. Excellent writers and enthusiastic enterprise, Encouraged by an excellent education system so people can shine, Unique music industry. Scotland could do even better Independent. Scotland has worldwide success. Unique scenery, educated, healthier people. Improvements all around and increasing. A caring Gov and administration. That is why the electorate vote for them.

    Scottish invention and discovery shaped the modern world. Westminster unionist corruption tried to destroy it. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Mass migration. Killing and maiming people. Not justifiable. Breaking International Law of decency. Brexit another catastrophe of chaos. More people will be sick and starving in poverty. It will need to be mitigated, or reversed, in Scotland,

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  8. I am (from time to time) grateful for a quotation that I saw offered by Peter Arnott (@PeterArnottGlas) on Twitter in September 2015.

    “A gentle, quiet, well-meaning, established, unconscious innate contempt”

    How well, I thought, that reflects the BBC attitude as part of a contemporary British establishment view of Scotland. With such contempt in place, why would they engage with or respect our views when we ought to just accept theirs.

    This attitude won’t be disappearing anytime soon. The quote is attributed to a professor of French at University College in 1921, describing the nature of pre-rebellion British rule in Ireland.


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