Good news: Operations at highest level since pandemic began

The Herald’s Caitlyn Dewar (16?) tells us:

The number of cancelled operations in Scottish hospitals is at the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic, figures show.In June, 22,014 operations in Scotland were scheduled to go ahead, with 1,643 (7.5%) forced to be cancelled, according to Public Health Scotland figures.

Here are the data in a graph:

This is a chart showing, for NHS Scotland, the total planned operations and the percentage of patients who had their planned operation cancelled for the reasons of clinical, non-clinical/capacity, cancelled by patient or other reasons. Data is from June 2019 to June 2021. A red vertical line at March 2020 shows the point where the NHS was placed under emergency measures to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solid pale blue represents the number of planned operations. It’s higher than it has been since the first few months of 2020 just ‘before the pandemic began?’ Good news!

The only type of cancellation which suggests strain in the system which could ever be described as forced to be cancelled, as the Herald allows Alex Cole-Hamilton to suggest, are the ‘non-clinical/capacity‘ ones. They are the only ones cancelled because a surgeon or a theatre became unavailable.

By contrast, a ‘clinical reason‘ means that a medic had decided, in the interests of the patient, it should not go ahead. More of that kind might easily be a good thing. ‘Cancelled by the patient’ means that they prefer not to go ahead. Neither is evidence of strain or pressure, quite the opposite.

The non-clinical/capacity figure did go up, 0.5%, in June 2021 but remained lower than in January 2021 or for that matter in December 2019, ‘before the pandemic began.’

Even if we allow Caitlyn and ACH to lump all the types of cancellation to together, we read:

In June 2021, 1,643 operations, or 7.5% of all planned operations, were cancelled the day before or on the day the patient was due to be treated. This compares to 1,269 (6.3%) in May and 2,481 (9.0%) in February 2020.

So, 1 643 or 7.5% cancelled in June 2021 and before the pandemic began, 2 481 or 9%.

Am I missing something?

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7 thoughts on “Good news: Operations at highest level since pandemic began

  1. As you know John, I check the publications every Tuesday and over time the percentage of cancelled operations in total is rarely above 10%.

    The capacity issue can also include a lack of an ICU bed. Certain major ops – eg major heart ops etc- cannot go ahead if there is not an ICU bed available. Covid-19 patients and their need for ICU beds and intensive nursing may be a leading reason at times of high Covid case numbers for cancellations of planned ops.

    Frankly I think NHS Scotland are doing bl**dy well to get the number of ops back up to where they are.

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  2. John
    You ask “are I am missing something ”
    Answer NO
    But i can reveal who are and tis their marbles,grey matter and ability to think
    Properly that are not only missing but appear to be completely lost forever
    Who are they
    All The MSM

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  3. Is there a “clinical reason” Alexa Cole-Ham cannot absorb facts?
    Or that the “Scottish” media cannot report in context (unless its Scotland-Bad)?

    But anyway–Operation Bunter WILL go ahead.
    Yup, Bunter Boris is coming to Scotland. But only to meet his loyal party donors and wanna-be Peers of his realm.
    He is refusing to meet the elected head of government in Scotland, which is pretty cheap of him, but then he is a pretty cheap kind of guy. One of his “girlfriends” claimed he had to bum money off her to buy a drink.
    DRossy will be there to carry the bags.
    Hi Jack will be there to languidly sneer at us peasantry.
    Hon Sarah and all the gang of State propagandists will be there to “manage” the news as was written in London the day before.

    What will he say?
    “I come to you, bearing wampum from the Great White Queen over the border.
    I have a bridge in one hand and a tunnel in the other.
    Pick a hand–go on, pick one, pick a hand–haha fooled you–my hands are empty, just like my promises”!

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  4. As ever, select a single datum which appears ‘bad’, present it out of context and frame it with lurid terminology. The media are trying to give Cole Hamilton a smudging of seriousness and gravitas, but, it is like trying to put lipstick on a pig.

    Willie Rennie was not much cop, but he is head and shoulders above this buffoon.

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  5. People deciding not to have minor operations because of Covid. Everyone understands that.

    People postpone several times. To keep safe. The right decision for them. What is wrong with that? Absolutely Nothing.

    More Press nonsense. Have they nothing better to do. Then to wind up folk.

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  6. Johnston ratings 3% by his own Party members.

    Nicola the most popular politician in Britain, the EU and the world,

    Johnston is feart to visit her. To see him off. Running a mile. Or ducking in a fridge. The dope on a rope is coming to the end of tenure. Sent home to think again. Good riddance.

    The long walk back out the back door. Coming shortly from the illegal decorated fiat. The Tories on the make and on the take. People can’t wait to see the back of them,

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