Will the cancer ticking time-bomb be any more real than the tsunami?

Jackie Baillie today trying to make political capital out of health issues.

For nearly two years now, I’ve been asking the same question, here, of civil servants and of oncology professors -no replies.

Why do I ask?

On December 6th, from Pete Whitehouse, Director of Statistical Services at the National Records of Scotland on 2nd December: 

Excess deaths from all causes began to increase in October, but this is almost entirely due to the corresponding rise in COVID-19 deaths. Deaths from causes such as respiratory diseases and cancer are below average levels for this time of year.


Over the whole of 2020, cancer deaths seem to have reduced.

Now, I hesitate here due to my lack of expertise. Readers may be able to correct or help out. I will change this section if I have to.

According to the NRS, there were 16 275 deaths due to ‘Malignant Neoplasms (C00-C97)’ but there had been 16 478 in the previous year, 2019.

I can’t see any sign of other types of cancer in the NRS data.


While some of these deaths may not yet have happened yet, surely enough will have to push the figures up?

When I first became aware of this apparent anomaly of fewer cancer deaths this year, I wrote to several professors of oncology and epidemiology – no answers. I wrote to several politicians responsible or opposition spokespersons for health – vague non-answers.

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9 thoughts on “Will the cancer ticking time-bomb be any more real than the tsunami?

  1. Labour did not support MUP or smoking ban. Alcohol and cigarettes smoking are the cause of many forms of cancer and other types of diseases which cause earlier death. Vote Labour to die younger. Labour hypocrites.

    Labour warmongering killed people and causes poverty worldwide. How they have the nerve to complain on health issues is extraordinary. They cause them and do not support health policies to keep people well. Wasting £Trns in the process of their destabilising policies.

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  2. Frankly nobody WILL know why but simply accept the reality it is an anomaly, for political parasites such as Baillie it is the perfect environment to cast aspersions and seed doubt.

    The ticking time-bomb is cancer not diagnosis, it’s always been there and probably always will, but in the year it’s been where people’s lives have been turned upside down, would they really volunteer to see immune systems compromised ?

    The most prolific cancer in Scotland over the last decade has undoubtedly been malignant politics, we all suffer from it until the likes of Baillie lose their voices…

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  3. Obesity and a bad lifestyle choices are other factors contributing to ill health and early death. Labour sounding off, take no account of that. Empty barrels make the most noise. They do not have a clue. Useless beyond despair. They are just an embarrassment. A time machine. Same old, same old, most people see through. They should go and do something else. Less destructive. Instead of lecturing everyone else.

    Unionism is failing everyone and destroying the world, Johnston ratings now 3% in his own party of useless incompetents. Down and down they go until they hit rock bottom. Trying to drag everyone with them. That will not happen, especially in Scotland. Trying to destroy other people’s lives. Leaving people in misery and with contempt. Totally unnecessary. Beyond corruption. People will stand up against them.

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    1. They have little grasp of metaphors either – when does ”a Tsunami” of cancer cases become ” a ticking time bomb ” ?
      When does a desperately poor political party , with a cat-in-Hell’s-chance of being elected become a dodo ?


  4. My maternal side is prone to cancer, but also long-lived otherwise. My paternal side to heart disease.

    Other than genetics, environmental causes are the big threat.
    Was isolation a preventative?
    We seem to have eaten and drank more than normal.
    I suspect a number who were developing (undiagnosed) cancers might have had weakened immune systems, and may have died of Covid.

    I have no medical knowledge.
    I have had zero luck with lotteries and other guesstimates.
    My ability to forecast the future MAY be scant.

    Anyone who believes me, can purchase a ticket in the —
    “Beauford Dyke Boris Bridge lottery”.

    First prize–The Boris Bridge. A good imagination is advised.
    Second prize–The two million ton bomb dump tunnel.
    Third Prize–a game of peevers with Dame Londun Slinky of the Costa del Fiffee.
    ( you can have Ruth or the truth–but not both).

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  5. O/T BBC UK news programmes (and now C4 News) today have been reporting the data just released by the ONS on deaths due to drug misuse in England and Wales. The BBC News website has an article with this headline:

    ‘Drug deaths in England and Wales highest since 1993’ (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58070848 )

    From a journalistic viewpoint, this article demonstrates that the BBC CAN AND DOES provide comparative information for perspective. This online article tells readers this:

    “ Last week Scotland, which records figures separately, reported that more than 1,300 people died of drug misuse last year – the highest figure for a seventh year running.”

    So with this insight that the BBC is aware of the value of providing perspective, I listened with interest to Reporting Scotland’s piece tonight on the drugs issue in Scotland (- led by a political not a health reporter by the way).

    With the profile given (rightly) by parts of the BBC to the England and Wales drug deaths’ data, would Reporting Scotland (even just) mention in passing the revelation that deaths elsewhere in Great Britain are at their highest level since 1993? Well of course not!

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    1. What jumped out at me was them pushing “Covid in Scotland: Most restrictions to end from 9 August” in prime position on UK, Scotland, and Scotland/Politics Pages having rapidly retired the “Drug deaths in Scotland reach new record level” story to make space for E&W drugs bad news.

      The same 4 day old “Drug deaths in Scotland reach new record level” story on Scotland and Politics pages had likewise been rapidly demoted from both, leaving only the “Drugs minister promises action on ‘national shame'” story to linger.

      The “Drug deaths in England and Wales highest since 1993” article never made it across the border to either Scotland page, probably detained for questioning by Jack or Bowie, whilst BBC Scotland’s Health Correspondent from Barra reworks the angle…


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