Millions pay for Reporting Scotland now but only 6.6% watch it

BBC Reporting Scotland’s viewing figures according to their wikipedia page, averaged (past tense) between 500 000 and 600 000 with occasional peaks of 1 million for events such as the Lockerbie Disaster in 1988.

By 2019, Reporting Scotland’s average audience had fallen to 380 000, just below that of STV News at 390 000.

BBC Scotland’s news service and its audience is a closely guarded secret. Unlike other publicly funded bodies such as health boards or local authorities, the BBC, like the MoD or the security services, is exempt from the Freedom of Information legislation and need not reveal anything it does not want to.

However, if the decline from the late 80s at 500 to 600 000 to 280 000 in 2019, halving the audience is maintained in seems certain they are at around 300 000 viewers out of an adult population of around 4.5 million, 6.6%.

14 thoughts on “Millions pay for Reporting Scotland now but only 6.6% watch it

  1. No doubt this will be used as an excuse to replace BBC Scotland with the Great British Broadcasting Corporation based in London.
    No need for a Scottish version since Scotland no longer exists (in their minds).

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      1. “Don’t see how they’ll get better figures tho”

        Try telling the truth in a serious impartial fashion?

        Or at least wear red jumpers, then at least viewers would know they’re the news equivalent of the sun?

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    1. It has already started.
      Radio Scotland, an underfunded beacon of excellence when launched, has now been stripped of content, ambition and its “Scottish” ambience.

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      1. ‘ stripped of …. its Scottish ambiance.’ It’s interesting you make that observation. I have no quantitative evidence but I too have had that sense over the past year.

        On a similar gut feel basis, I’ve also sensed more Scottish and Welsh content and voices on Radio 4, at least on the bits that are not focused on political content. Hard then not to embark on a train of thought!

        ‘Homogenization’: the process of changing something so that all its parts or features become the same or very similar (Cambridge English Dictionary)

        Once one begins to muse on this, it’s a short step to thinking about ‘cultural homogenization’. And is this not logically consistent with a ‘one nation’ political agenda – just the more subtle complement to aggressive Unionism?

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        1. Radio 2 has a west of Scotland voice reading out the sport, Steve Wright reads out messages from listeners . . . . Often travelling from Scotland to England or vice versa. . . . Scots are over represented on Ken Bruce’e Pop your clogs master. . . . . Basically we’re their favourite nationality. . . . Costs them (radio2 ) nothing . . . . But Scotland doesn’t get any financial bonus, jobs etc.

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  2. If their news reporting became even slightly supportive of Scotland, removed the constant amping up of ‘fear’ stories, reduced the Union bias and were closer to even handed, they may recover some of their previous audience. However if they keep being a state propaganda outfit reporting along the lines of the GDR Neues Deutschland, they will be consigned to history. I suspect more people watch RT or Al Jazeera, because they report with less bias/scaremongering.

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  3. Who actually watches BBC Shortbread ?
    They have scunnered most SNP supporters long ago , their refusal to publicise Alba during the last Holyrood election has seen them off , there are only about a baker’s dozen of LibDem supporters so no joy there , and the Tories are all watching Andra Neil on GB News .
    They’ve even alienated Rangers supporters with their , surprising, reporting of sectarianism .
    So who is left ?
    Apart from Kirsty Wark and HMS Sarah Smith and their dinner party guests from the Labour Party – Lord Jack and his missus , as she takes time off from eviscerating jobs at Glasgow Life – who could be watching ?
    No wonder that is hidden behind the Official Secrets Act or some such Gvernment cod-piece !

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  4. “Unbelievable, that’s what you are.
    Lies and falsehoods, made up from afar.
    You tell us stuff that’s so non-credible,
    We all think you so forgettable.
    Licence fee–harr, harr.

    Unbelievable, in every way,
    Unbelievable, that is every day.
    Ruth and Boris, tell you what to say,
    That is why, no one wants to pay.
    Licence fee, we say–no way!”

    Not Nat King Cole.

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  5. The Nine 20,000 viewers.

    The BBC try to hide the viewing figures.

    Sky News do not do much better.

    The only thing they get right is the time.

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  6. Radio Scotland and Reporting Scotland are dire. How much does it cost to sent their sports reporters on all expenses round the world trips reporting on Andy Murray’s latest failings?


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