England’s Covid schadenfreude

For the duration of the pandemic England’s MSM have travelled widely to let us see how awful things have been elsewhere. We’ve seen dramatic images of Italian hospitals overflowing into tents, angry anti-vaxxers in the US, fraught ambulance workers in Brazil and funeral pyre smoke blocking out the sun in India.

At the same time, infection and death had soared in England, with the other UK nations dragged along, doing a bit better, but unable to control things until the PM had already let the beast in.

Today, we hear of new surges in East Asia. How do these records compare with, say, England?

Oh, and deaths over the pandemic?

England’s MSM, especially the BBC, continue to look the other way in the interests of a government they fear.

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5 thoughts on “England’s Covid schadenfreude

  1. Why do they fear Tories, really? They castigated Corbyn’s Labour, but apparently not under Starmer’s leadership.
    Is it because they are all Tories themselves or us it something more sinister, I wonder.

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  2. Newspapers ( I use the term very loosely ) like the Daily Mail published headlines calling English judges ”traitors” for opposing some of the lunacy emanating from No.10 – yet THEY are the real traitors .
    Hiding the truth of the scale of the pandemic as it affects the UK ( England ? ) from the population is unforgivable and traitorous .
    But then the population at large are of no consequence to the billionaire owners of these rags who only print what advances their own agendas – some of which are clearly fascist .

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  3. The “British” press, based in and representing, London are owned and run by people who make Pravda look like the Beanno.

    A tiny number of press barons, with no loyalty to anything but their own interests, control the politics and direction of travel of the UK.

    These people are not cuddly or cute.
    They are megalomaniacs, who think they are above the law and norms of society—hence phone hacking–most of which is still a secret.
    Ask why Blair, Brown, Cameron and Johnson all kiss the arse of King Rupert.

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