Good Morning Scotland! It’s our regular alcohol consumption pusher!

Again, in the wake of the the early-bird(s) at MSM Monitor, I have something to add to their excellent alert.

Stephen Montgomery, Bar Steward and GMS regular go-to-guy for undermining the Scottish Government’s pandemic strategy, is well known to us at TuS.

In April, on one of his earlier forays with BBC Scotland:

In the wake of the Herald headlining their campaign for ‘Eating out, dying out’, BBC Scotland have headlined the need for Scotland to copy England’s approach to pandemic control by opening pubs earlier.

Here he is in few of his media appearances:

Stephen Montgomery, who owns the Townhead Hotel in Lockerbie and is a spokesman for the Scottish Hospitality Group, said he would “love to be opening up at the same time as our colleagues down south”. “We’re going to be seeing people jump the border… for that long awaited pint of cold beer while we still remain closed,” he told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland. “Scotland’s always been behind in the way we’ve been operating for the last year. So it’s going to be no different this time. “We are at a disadvantage.”

Four in a bed? I don’t want to know.

He seems to know what he’s talking about. Is there any reason why we shouldn’t just follow England?





Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme drove new COVID-19 infections up by between 8 and 17%, new research finds.

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9 thoughts on “Good Morning Scotland! It’s our regular alcohol consumption pusher!

  1. You did, I presume, note Gary (Good Moaning) Robertson’s “Some critical staff in health, food and transport sectors can opt out of quarantine following close contact with a positive covid case. The changes have been criticised by unions but some industries are angry they’re not included. Stephen Montgomery @ScottishGroup ”

    Nothing about the conditions of “opt out”, simply that dying for a pint (possibly literally) at the “Toonheid” is excluded as critical….
    Presumably the “unions” are the usual regulars on BBC Speed-Dial….

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      1. Forgive my child’s memory John, trudging up Merrick to see the eagles on a lovely day, only for a blizzard to envelope shortly after hitting the summit, for which we my dad my mum and three kids were ill prepared.
        The descent was a cold disorientating blur, and an odd memory of passing an old wrecked (Daily Express?) plane lingers, our parents trying desperately not to convey their panic at having brought 3 kids to what had turned into such an inhospitable place.
        We survived, and I climbed a wheen o hills and mountains since eminently better equipped than wooly mitts, a tammy, a coat and a pair of Clarks’ finest child leather shoes and somebody else who knew the way.
        We who have gone there will always miss the hills, it’s an experience like no other.
        Even though 3 years younger than yourself, as a longtime smoker I struggled to get up Ceahlau 5 years ago and have never tried since, the memory of trying is all that matters…


  2. Yup. ” Patriotic” journalism, doing what “patriotic” journalism does.
    Protect the Brit Nat elite against the public interest.

    Montgomery and the Mundells and BBC Hootsmon support and reflect each other’s point of view, while suppressing views inimical to theirs.
    Hospitality have been given air-time on the BEEB for a year to whine about policy IN SCOTLAND.
    Then, surprise, surprise they find they cannot get staff daft enough to work in dangerous conditions, simply to enhance profits ( some of which will go to the Tories).
    And still the BBC has no pertinent questions for them.
    Open up? No masks? No distancing? Good enough for England, then it’s good enough for the BEEB, and their pretendy “journalism”!

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  3. One word that is all thats required to stick a label upon this nasty specimen of a man
    And given his credentials he shall know full well of what i mean and in every sense of the word
    What is that word

    “Slops “


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