R number HIGHER in England than Scotland

Almost a year ago, the R number was the preferred tool for the likes of Nick Robinson when he used it to cast doubt on the Scottish Government’s pandemic measures.

It seems to have been dropped these days but it’s still being published.

I note, today

So, the R number is much lower in Scotland than in all the other non-Scottish parts of the UK.

Does it matter? Yes, an R number above 1 means the virus is still spreading.

The Scottish Government’s strategy and our compliance with it are working.

Sarah Smith: ‘Scotland is the best!!

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8 thoughts on “R number HIGHER in England than Scotland

  1. ‘OT – Remember 24th and “John, I see HMS Sarah Smith are at it again with “Covid in Scotland: Thousands turn off tracking app”, a conclusion for which there is no evidence whatsoever”, it’s still the Prime promotion on Scotland/Politics and frozen in time today 26th at 1 day old…
    Thought it odd having been demoted from the Main page yesterday whilst still featuring on Politics, now it’s reminiscent of the “incontinent pigeons” saga…

    On the Depress “Blackford squirms” article, it is common to see terms such as “destroyed” or “crushed” or “humiliated” or “mocks” in relation to anything SNP in certain segments of the media, it also features heavily among the many Youtube channels which sprang up in competition to ProductiehuisEU who were pushing Brexit and anti-EU propaganda pieces since forever.

    Anything with Nick “He said nothing…” Robinson in it should only be expected to be propaganda, but we have to remember his purpose is to reinforce the distorted view from middle England, the everyday Linda of Grantham types… https://weegingerdug.wordpress.com/2021/07/25/calling-an-ambaileans-for-british-nationalists/

    While the manipulators play “pingdemic” instead of “oh shit, infection rates are too high” games, and control England’s published figures, blatant lies over Scotland’s condition are mere asides in the propaganda war conducted to shield the Prime Charlatan.

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  2. The R number figure for Scotland gives the carpers an ‘Ah but’. “Ah, but it’s still above 1, so that means it’s getting worse.’

    More seriously, the R number, while an important datum for epidemiologists and public health planners, seems to me to be quite a complex concept. I know that it is derived from several different models and is statistically inferred, but, I have noticed that it can be rather volatile and change quite suddenly. In addition, it has also shown rises when the number of cases is falling. And, it seems to be dependent on how many people track and trace is reaching.

    BBC Scotland’s attack line fo this week seems to be the proportion of 40/49 year olds who have been vaccinated. No mention of the fact that in Scotland a greater proportion have received their first vaccination than most places in the world. Today, the figure will exceed 4 million out of a population of c5.6M.

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  3. You forgot “grilled”, Bob.

    Apparently, according to the Depress (who else?), she was “grilled over SNP poverty figures”

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      1. Nope. Just sloppy/lazy writing on my part.

        It wasn’t, in this instance, Ian Blackford who was being grilled. It was Nicola Sturgeon.


          1. “Damn, it’s always difficult to tell those two apart…”

            Sloppy/lazy writing or Ian Blackford and Nicola Sturgeon?! {ROFL}


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