As SNP Scotland pulls ahead of Tory England in vaccine rollout, Scottish Labour and Tories accused of being pathetic

In the Herald today:

Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of a “humiliating” failure to meet a key vaccine target. Labour and the Conservatives said the Scottish Government is set to miss its target of having all 40 to 49-year-olds vaccinated by today.  In June, Ms Sturgeon told MSPs: “By July 26, we expect to have given second doses to all 40 to 49-year-olds, and by August 20, all 30 to 39-year-olds will have had a second dose.” But figures show that, as of July 24, just 75.8 per cent of 40 to 49-year-olds have had both doses, while 90.7% have had their first.

Humiliating failure eh? Imagine you were doing less well than even Scotland, that’d be even more humiliating wouldn’t it?

Covid: How many people have been vaccinated in Wales? - BBC News

Oooh, look a that. SNP Scotland better than Tory England on both vaccines and better than Labour Wales on the first. If the English and Welsh media told them, they’d be humiliated.

They won’t.

Wait, they whine, we’re only talking about the 40-49 year-olds. Oh, wonder why?

Chart showing vaccine take-up by age group

So, just over 75% have had a first jab in England but it’s 90.7% in Scotland?

Any mention of any English or Welsh politicians being humiliated by this failure on their part to force folk out and get jagged? Nope. Why would they?

Wait, Iceland has humiliated us:

r/Scotland - Percentage of population vaccinated against COVID-19 across Europe

Oh, yes, who has accused Scottish Labour and Tories of being pathetic? I haven’t had time to ask everybody but I’m sure it’s damn near that.

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7 thoughts on “As SNP Scotland pulls ahead of Tory England in vaccine rollout, Scottish Labour and Tories accused of being pathetic

  1. There are more older people as a % of the population in Scotland. So even if less 40-49 years old were vaccinated. There could be more people vaccinated as a percentage of the population.

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  2. ”The glass half empty” usual moans from unionist parties that have NO concept of ”uniting” to fight a common enemy – the virus !
    No , their only intent throughout this calamity has been to score political points – either by gleefully highlighting when things have gone wrong ( shameful ! ) or , more often than not , inventing THEIR own criteria for success which the SG could NEVER meet .
    There is a special corner of Hell reserved for this clique of hypocrites and self-serving b*stards !

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    1. The media in England openly admit that they don’t hold the Westminster establishment fully to account because that would be unpatriotic and undermine people’s confidence in their government.
      They take the opposite approach in Scotland where they regard Holyrood as a rebel institution which must be brought down,at least for as long as it is being run by Scottish political parties.

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  3. Annie “Wishing” Wells and “Jackanory” Baillie.

    Stick together during a pandemic? Aye that’ll be right.

    Brit Nat partisan politicking to the last!

    “They stand, they sit, they lie”!

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  4. It doesn’t bear thinking about had any BritNat party been at the helm at Hoyrood this past sixteen or so months, Scotland really would be seeing ‘bodies piled high’ because the NHS would be on it’s knees there would be no effective test and trace, no effective vaccine roll out, it would be an absolute disaster. If anyone thinks the BritNat parties HQ’d in London and operating in Scotland, give one iota for the people of Scotland, they are seriously deluded.

    Re J. Baillie, I can never work out if she is Labour, or Tory, I think she must be both.
    Sick of these lying troughers shafting Scotland, lowlife jobsworths.

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  5. Today, 27, July, 2021, the 4 millionth person in Scotland was vaccinated. A higher percentage of the population than any other country in the world with a population of more than 1 million people. BBC Scotland made no mention of this. On the website, in approximately the 20th paragraph about Covid19, the number is mentioned, without comment.

    The non-story about ‘thousands’ switching off the tracking app still appears after a week.

    Remember the headline when the 10 000th person died, where Covid19 was mentioned on the death certificate? – A “MILESTONE” is passed.

    Or when, briefly, the number of infections in Scotland per 100 000 was “the WORST in the world” and Kirsty Wark was despatched to trumpet this to the entire UK, with that ‘proud Scot’, Fraser Nelson, baleful bool-in-the-mooth editor of the baleful Spectator to comment on how bad Scotland is?


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