Hospitality’s real victims

Scotland on Sunday

The voices of hospitality workers at last?

BBC Scotland in early June 2021. Before that in April we often saw this regular media guy:

Stephen Montgomery, who owns the Townhead Hotel in Lockerbie and is a spokesman for the Scottish Hospitality Group, said he would “love to be opening up at the same time as our colleagues down south”. “We’re going to be seeing people jump the border… for that long awaited pint of cold beer while we still remain closed,” he told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland. “Scotland’s always been behind in the way we’ve been operating for the last year. So it’s going to be no different this time. “We are at a disadvantage.”

Before that in April, we had this:

In December 2020 from the Herald:

In October 2020:

and this:

All the way, right behind the owners, firmly against Government strategy to save lives.

Today, many months too late, the voices of the staff expected to take the risk, are presented but only as ‘claims’.

Scotland on Sunday

Hospitality staff, from bartenders to cooks all had a significantly higher Covid death rate than the national average:

6 thoughts on “Hospitality’s real victims

  1. Well , clearly from these headlines you can see who is more important in the eyes of the BBC !
    If more Hospitality workers are stricken from Covid – that will be the fault of the SNP Government NOT the poor business leaders who are only looking after their own interests regardless of the health of their employees .
    The BBC is simply putting the blame where THEY are sure it lies – with the SNP Government .
    Regardless of whatever decisions they may take it will be the wrong one and the BBC will highlight this .

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  2. Becoming very tedious hearing people with narrow vested interests attacking Scotland’s public health policies and lauding those of our neighbouring country who are being condemned globally as being irresponsible.
    Not helped by the MSM operating in Scotland who put politics before public health.
    Warning,HM press can damage your health.

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  3. And, some of these staff are using the contact tracing app, and, having come into contact with infected people for extended periods, the app ‘pings’. So, to prevent these plebs ‘skiving off’ the bosses and the media create a ‘pingdemic’ myth and try to push government into removing protections from workers.

    The app is ‘pinging’ because they are in a growth phase of the pandemic due to Johnson failing to close the borders to travellers from India. So, the app gets blamed for doing what it was designed to do.

    Over this weekend, BBC Scotland has led every bulletin with ’50 000′ Scots have deleted the app’. The tacit message is ‘why don’t you do, too?’ Ergo, no pinging, ergo pingdemic over, ergo more profits for the bosses to stash in ‘tax havens’.

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    1. Strangely enough had just checked on HMS Sarah Smith… On the main Scotland webpage this “story” has been demoted 2 pages down in history yet on the Scotland/Politics webpage, Prime Place…
      Memories of incontinent pigeons…


  4. Indeed, Montgomery was one of the BBC regulars to promote the “not good enough” agenda so beloved of HMS Sarah Smith.

    I suggested elsewhere “pingdemic” should be changed to “clowndemic”, the reason so many are affected is all down to incompetent government with the Prime Charlatan as lead waffler…

    The sting in the tail of rising infections was always going to spotlight the Tory mantra of max efficiency and no standby staff – Lockdown showed up nursing and medical staff shortages, now out of lockdown it affects everybody else, just as we’re seeing now with freight and the food distribution chain.
    JIT only works if everything clicks in perfect synchrony…

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  5. There’s always one bar or restaurant closed because of Covid where we live, (I am sure due to staff having been infected0, or at least there was until very recently.


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