Douglas Chapman, the thinking man and woman’s Douglas

Jock McGlashan

The Telegraph’s sister paper, based in Auchtermuchty, has just published their own survey results in response to this yesterday:

Funded by local farmer Jock McGlashan, the survey was condemned in the Auchtermuchty Gentleman, by Major rtd Jeremy ‘Jock’ Abernerthy-Wellington, originally from Husbands Bosworth, as ‘Demned impertinence!’

Local B&B owner Jinty Equus sprayed us liberally with ‘On my property, anything goes!’

We’re shocked here.

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6 thoughts on “Douglas Chapman, the thinking man and woman’s Douglas

        1. You may laugh…go on…but I do remember the arrival of the Biro in Grangemouth, 1959, and how it saved this corrie-fisted bairn’s knuckles from getting rapped by Miss Peattie when I smudged my wet ink handwriting – the injustice!

          I hope she’s deid, the auld witch!!!!!

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          1. Ink-pots and nibs for handwriting practice, carrying in crates of part frozen half pint milk bottles in winter, freezing outdoor toilets with “greaseproof” paper and carbolic soap, blackboards and easels are my strongest memories.
            And ye talk ta kids nowadays….

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            1. Aye I remember those as well…milk duty, brrr. I have some of the old wooden pens and even some nibs, they are nice to use. I think they wanted to put kids off using the loos, newsapaper would have been better lol!

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