Yes, deaths peak some time AFTER cases peak. We knew that

Sometimes I wonder if the folk at Pacific Quay are just stupid.

Covid deaths are not high ‘despite’ a fall in cases, they’re high because of the peak before that fall. Surely they know that from previous peaks in cases followed by peaks in deaths?

Look at the lines above. Cases (blue) peak causing hospital admissions (yellow) to peak a week or so later and then, sadly, deaths peak a few days after that.

Saying ‘Deaths at four-month high despite fall in cases‘ suggests you don’t know what is going on and will confuse some of the audience.

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11 thoughts on “Yes, deaths peak some time AFTER cases peak. We knew that

  1. Or it suggests they are deliberately misleading the poor sods who still use them for their news. As all the followers of your site are now well aware, John.

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  2. Of course they understand that linked chain of events; they just want to spread disinformation that will lead to some (maybe many?) starting to doubt their own understanding of things.

    Gaslighting in other words.

    Cheap shots.

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    1. Place a conical cap with a large capital D emblazoned upon it, upon their reporters,researchers and editors and instruct them to take a long stand in 3 of the 4 corners of the room
      Maintain the last and 4th corner vacant until the individual with overall responsibility identified
      Inform them as soon as more of their compatriots are identified they will be relieved
      Such shall apply for all those hard of proper serious thought until the supply of these morons dries up
      More than 3 such occurrences by any individual will result in a tattoo of a large prominent red D placed upon their forehead
      Notice is served upon such gross incompentence

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  3. It’s part of the ongoing campaign to reinforce “the cringe” – Scotland is not allowed to have good news stories, as it might make people think that we might manage on our own. So just in case the fall in cases makes anyone feel good, it has to be driven home that deaths are rising, so Scotland bad!

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  4. John , I believe you are correct – they are just stupid !

    Last week on Misreporting Scotland , 17 months into a pandemic , Sally Magnusson asked a reporter at a hospital what was causing the increase in admissions ! Doh !!!

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    1. That’s not stupid, it’s just the repetition of the message they are putting across. How many times does a studio host ask a reporter on scene a question already answered by the lead in to the story?

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  5. They scan data to find a datum that, with a lack of context and a suitably ‘framed’ heading, gives a negative impression. This is cynical, systematic propagandising

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  6. Stupid? No.
    BBC Hootsmon will be full of propagandists sent north (of the North) to mislead, deflect and confuse.
    It is their patriotic duty to maintain their northern colony.
    The BBC is now run by Tories, by the Tories, for the Tories.
    It is no more a source independent, non-partisan news, than the Torygraph or any of Ruperts lot.
    Pravda for the Elite.

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  7. The BBC has been at the heart of English/UK government propaganda since it was let loose on the world in 1922. I’d go as far as to say that propaganda was its core function then and that it remains its core function today. All the rest of what it ‘provides’ is cover and acts as a conduit for the primary function. Much of what it does is in fact the exercise of soft power and influence, often disguised as entertainment. The propaganda wing influences through all of its other services. They have at least 100 years of experience of refining propaganda across the UK and around the world.

    It would be foolish to accept anything that emanates from the BBC at face value. As an organisation it is embedded in British State security services every bit as much as GCHQ.

    I am, of course, biased – doesn’t make me wrong though.


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