I’m going to be the next heavyweight boxing champion of the world!

A wee bit of distraction triggered by the above Herald headline.

Dear reader, see if you can come up with a funnier one.

Other good ones:

iNews 2021: Labour leader Anas Sarwar predicts he ‘will be First Minister’ in 2026

The National 2020: Jackson Carlaw vows to topple SNP and become next First Minister

Scotsman 2019: Boris Johnson: I back Ruth Davidson to become Scotland’s next First Minister

BBC Scotland 2018: Richard Leonard: ‘I intend to be next first minister’

The Times 2017: Kenny Farquharson comment: The next first minister will be . . . Kezia Dugdale

TuS 2021: Jackie Bird was BBC Scotland’s least biased presenter.


I boxed, well danced around the ring dodging charging psychos, Grangemouth Boxing Club, Sea Lock Halls, 1960-1963. My Dad came to see me and said ‘You’re like that Cassius Clay (later M Ali). You move like a butterfly. Sadly, you sting like a butterfly too!’

It’s only 57 years. I could make a come-back.

12 thoughts on “I’m going to be the next heavyweight boxing champion of the world!

    1. The report states jobs to be created in England. This error was not noticed by Truss or her colleagues because to them England means the UK, it only dawned on her there was a difference when reporter challenged her on it

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  1. Well , If DRoss is being backed by Liz Truss …..ha , ha , ha , ha !
    This is the Government Minister who came to Glasgow yesterday and promoted job creation IN ENGLAND !
    Colin Mackay of STV had her in knots as she tried to hide the fact that she hadn’t a clue what effect Westminster ”levelling up ” would have on jobs in Scotland .
    At the end in a panic she blurted out ”the same as England ” – which was supposedly 1.4 million new jobs !!!

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    1. A link please please. As for Truss how about this one.

      (1) “Our apples are now on their way to India for the first time in 50 years, thanks to the Enhanced Trade Partnership,”

      (2) Belgium managed to send 10 million kilos of its apples to India in 2017 while still being part of the European Union.

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    2. I think it was this post by Gordon Ross who talks about the Torys’ ‘levelling up’, and it has no benefit to Scotland whatsoever. Mostly the opposite in fact, more a ‘levelling’ down for Scotland.

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  2. They want to make Holyrood as dysfunctional and embarrassing as Westminster, or take the Scottish parliament back to the days of London HQ Labour branch office where it was jobs for the boys and brown envelopes all round.
    Remember those gangster films where the leader bullies groomed some guy who wasn’t really up to the job, ‘you cab n be somefink Dougie boy, just try harder, eh eh’. DRoss is the only one the BritNats could find with such delusions of grandeur, and ideas above his station, and pliable enough to train. He must have been promised the world, but he doesn’t have the right connections to end up in the HOL’s like untRuth did, so they pretend to him he is capable of being First Minister of Scotland. 😂

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  3. The only possible way for any of them
    To become 1st. Minister
    Is for a completely new church to be formed or built is for them to be appointed as Minister for such
    But most certainly one with no political
    Particularly when it requires you to win the most votes in a fully democratic election
    If so Empty pews indeed


    1. It’s not a joke though it’s absolutley bloody criminal, and the cabal of criminals running the UK they love to call a ‘country’, are in it for the long haul, it’s terrifying quite frankly.

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  4. Do these people think that by saying these things they will happen ? , no they don’t, it is just a standard throwaway line Unionists use to rile the SNP !

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