Huffy wee old guy tells fibs against his imagined mistress

Macwhirter has previous on ‘Sturgeon’, lots of it. He resents what he sees as a dictatorial tendency from a democratically elected and popular leader and terms her, revealingly, ‘headmistress.’

Note the preference for ‘mistress’ at a time when everyone who has been awake for the last 50 years knows to called them ‘headteacher.’

I’m reminded of a wee boy, in a old body, with a problem perhaps resulting from an over-strict mommy or nanny. There are quite a few like him in the Scottish MSM. Misogyny, immaturity, huffiness, all seem to be playing a part in their writing.

First, of course, the FM did not say what Macwhirter accused her of. She said:

I don’t know what Boris Johnson said or didn’t say, so it’s probably not appropriate to comment on it in any detail other than to say nobody in a position like mine or Boris Johnson’s should be glib about human life, whether about a young person, adult or older person. There is a heavy responsibility on us and no decision can save every live. Any leader who doesn’t take that seriously should be asking themselves if they are fit for office.

And, of course, the care home deaths comment, he surely knows that is a giant fib. For the umpteenth time, Jeanne Freeman (Don’t cry Iain, I haven’t told her) made sure that, unlike England, Scotland followed the JCVI guidelines to the letter, vaccinated care home staff and residents in December 2020, before all other groups, regardless of logistical problems with the Pfizer jag and, as a result, had only 50% of the death rate in English care homes. Even in the first wave, Stirling University research revealed a significantly lower death rate in Scottish care homes.

Finally, not for the first time, he called him a genius in December 2020, Macwhirter reveals a boyish admiration for Johnson:

Gifted essayist? I say, most impressive! He can rule me any time.

Just ‘comes over as callous’, isn’t revealed by his words to actually be callous?

Has the honesty to admit he is not a master of detail? So, if you don’t do the job of PM properly and thousands die as a result, just admit it and all is forgiven as long as the admission is well-written, witty?

I may not be a gifted essayist but I can smell something.

8 thoughts on “Huffy wee old guy tells fibs against his imagined mistress

  1. Macwhirter is a metaphor for the British Unionist media – ignore the sins of the Westminster elite , ignore the facts , ignore the dangerous actions of the incompetent in No. 10 , BUT put the boot in to the Scottish FM regardless as she is a worryingly competent leader who may undermine the message about the Most Successful Union in the History of the World !

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  2. Macwhirter is bizarre at the best of times, but if the FM ever felt the urge to pronounce some higher moral standing, what would Iain select as a datum when his bogus whitabootery is debunked ?

    The “…rather have bodies piled high…”, pickaninny, or any from the vast array of evidential quotes this “gifted essayist” has provided?

    Right now the blonde buffoon is condemning his own people to suffer on the altar of his ideology as the rest of the world looks on in terrified horror, meanwhile Iain cleans his Joo Janta 200s…

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  3. Boris has a lot of “back story” issues.
    Nikla has few.

    MacWhittering excuses Brit Nat excess’s, just like the rest of the colonial media commentariat.
    Boris is their shining knight, a glowing Brit Nat star of their limited, blinkered horizons. But naked, and nakedly opportunist, to the rest of us!

    This was OK in the past, as bloopers were difficult to find, if a compliant media helped bury them away—but Mr Google can now expose their hypocrisy for what it is –along with the “journalists” who are their little helpers.

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    1. A minor correction Gavin, the phrase “if they haven’t nobbled it already” should be inserted between “Google” and “can”.

      One cleverclogs who knows about such things WAY better than I, highlighted out how they managed to distort Google searches over the notorious “Boris Bus”.
      You may recall the interview which triggered it (Kuessenberg?), with the frankly bizarre revelation by Johnson he had a passion for building London buses out of fruit boxes then painting them.
      Intriguingly cuckoo at the time, but in reality a carefully staged lie complete with massive media coverage to bury Google searches with the fiction rather than the damning truth of his prior monumental failure as London Mayor in interfering with the project.
      Haven’t checked since, but when I Googled “Boris Bus” at the time, the assertion proved correct.

      There are experts permanently engaged by political and commercial entities distorting what we may immediately find all the time. It’s still there, just obscured, so when what seems like a bizarre story in the news gains prominence, have a think on which part of history they are altering.. 😉

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  4. Macwhirter is a nasty BritNat, yet I bet he enjoys free prescriptions, and better healthcare system than in England should he need it, I bet he uses the new Firth of Forth bridge which would never have been built had the BritNats and the Greens had their own way. I bet his kids enjoyed uni without the tuition fees if they studied in Scotland, I bet he enjoys decent Scottish water, which the Labour party at Holyrood started to privatise, (they privatised the non domestic arm of SW) but luckily, the SNP stopped that just in time. These people, who hate the SNP, and who hate Nicola Sturgeon, should be careful waht they wish for because any other party at the helm at Holyrood for the last 10 or so years would have totally wrecked even more of Scotland’s communities, industry, environment, and healthcare etc, than they did in their ten years at the helm.
    I remember the hospital beds in corridors and people dying of hospital acquired infections in Scotland when London HQ’d labour branch in Scotland were at the helm.

    No thanks Macwhirter, Scotland doesn’t need your bile and hatred for Scotland and Scotland’s democratically elected government.
    Enjoy the benefits of what the SNP are doing for Scotland however, there’s more to come if only people like you would wake up, but we won’t be holding our breath.

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  5. Perhaps Mr McWhirter raised the issue of care-home deaths in an attempt to distract attention from the report published yesterday to the Covid related care-home deaths in England. Nearly 40,000 deaths but strangely not a lot of coverage of this report in Scottish MSM especially. I wonder why?

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  6. O/T on twitter today, from Peter Stefanovic @PeterStefanovi2:

    “Breaking: Courageous Labour MP @DawnButlerBrent has just been told to leave the Chamber by Deputy Speaker for raising my film which public have sent to 27 MILLION VIEWS in protest at Prime Ministers rampant lying in Parliament & calling PM a lier. Thank you for your courage Dawn”.

    You can see the incident here: .

    IMHO there should now be a rota of opposition MPs standing up to make the same point each and every day in the HoC chamber.

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