SNP Scottish Government’s pandemic measures so effective emergency facility not required

After a weekend-run of three days headlining misrepresentations aimed at undermining the reputation of the ‘SNP Scottish Government’, as their feeder Douglas Ross (14) loves to call it, we’re off with more of the same at 06:27 on Monday.

The emergency Louisa Jordan hospital in Glasgow was not required for Covid patients because thanks to the combined efforts of the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and, of course us, was not needed even at the peak in January.

In any honest commentator’s report, how could that be other than a big success leading to praise for all involved? Imagine Scotland had had to use unplanned overflow accommodation as was the case in Italy or to transfer Covid patients hundreds of miles to cope as happened in England?

The BBC Scotland website (younger audience?) has not joined with Reporting Scotland on this.

This pathetic, unexplained, confused, petty reference to an emergency facility, typically prompted by pathetic, unexplained, confused, petty comments from the likes of Labour’s Monica Lennon, is returned to by Reporting Scotland at every stage in the decommissioning.

This is naked, low propaganda, to seed impressionable minds with the notion that the UK’s most successful and most popular government ever is somehow incompetent.

11 thoughts on “SNP Scottish Government’s pandemic measures so effective emergency facility not required

  1. One of my relatives, who lives in the North East of Scotland, tells me that they can hardly move on the roads due to the influx of vehicles, mainly camper vans, with other than local registrations.
    My fear is two fold. The first is that the Beta variant, possibly able to bypass the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, will become prevalent, and that it will be brought into our country by visitors.
    Obviously I hope that this scenario doesn’t occur, and facilities such as the Louisa Jordan don’t have to be reactivated.

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  2. I had posted this on the gaslighting article, but worth repeating–ll3Wf1W0 if only for one most astute comment –
    “I agree!! If I was going to the hydro I would need to get a lift to train station then 2 trains, whereas if I was going to local leisure centre, its just that it’s local, 2 minutes down the road, I can walk there and no need to take public transport! So to me they are trying to create an issue where there isn’t one and why do we have a wee wumin from London telling us what to do!! Jeez 🤦🏽‍♀️”

    The Forres Gump is impressing none with this bunkum, that the BBC platform this nonsense is idiotic. They are so wrapped up in amplifying the negative they completely miss the point, the vast majority of folks understand the “why” and are all in favour of it.

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  3. BBC Radio Scotland after 7.30 am.

    Dr. Deepti Gurdasani “it’s good that Scotland and Wales are not following England . . . . There is no country in the world that has endangered it’s population so much”

    “The UK stands out in the world by not vaccinating it’s under 18’s. “

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  4. This really is the lowest of the low from the BBC.
    As well as being a major hub for vaccinations the Louisa Jordan was being used to carry out many screening programmes and out patient appointments to keep the public away from hospitals.
    I attended an ‘AAA’ ( Abdominal Aortic Aneurism) screening a few months ago at Louisa Jordan.
    I hadn’t even heard of it before, but it’s a screening programme the SNHS carry out on males once they turn 65.
    As far as I’m concerned the Scottish Government have very much continued to ‘Get on with the day job’ during the pandemic and have made a far better job of it than the circus at Westminster.
    Looking at England this morning with ‘Freedom Day’ starting the nightclubs opened their doors at 1 minute past 12 and they were crammed full of mostly un-vaccinated revelers, this coupled with the scenes from Wembley last weekend is the making of a perfect storm.
    Thank goodness we have a level headed Government in charge up here.

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  5. This repetition of the Louisa Jordan ”story” is another sign of the shortages brought on by Brexit .
    A shortage of ”Look a Squirrel !” stories have resulted in BBC Scotland having to re-visit ad nauseam its stock of SNP BAAAAd stories . Another which is looking the worse for wear is the constant moaning from The Travel Industry which appears to live in a world where there is no pandemic .

    BBC Scotland , aka the British Unionist Propaganda Unit , is in danger of losing its franchise from Westminster . It is getting to a point where GB News may be have higher audience figures than Misreporting Scotland . A very serious state of mismanagement !

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  6. I wonder John, whether you are right. There is, after all, a force majeure – the place is needed for Cop 26 in November, and has to be handed over for preparations to be made.
    That said, I wonder too how wise it is. Some scientists suggest a possible peak of 200,000 per day. Our share of that (pc) would be 17,000.
    How long would that peak last? In earlier days, the brakes would have gone on and we would be back to restrictions. BUT, for our political leaders – and I include Nicola in this as well as Boris – putting on the brakes is politically unacceptable. I dare say, rather like Rutte in the Netherlands, they might be forced to do this, but how long till they do?
    We are told though that the link between catching Covid and ending up in hospital has been broken, and to date that does seem to be the case. Fine. But what continues to worry me, thinking back to how we got the Delta variant, was that lots of people in India (for a short time) had Covid, which is the sort of environment in which it is likely to mutate. Therefore, if there are lots of people in the UK with Covid and there are no restrictions, might that happen here, and what to do if this variant poses serious challenges to the vaccines.
    Did you see the report on London clubs. All young people crammed in, and if their experience on getting young people vaccinated is like our own, most almost certainly only with one jag and many with none at all. Covid factory?
    In passing this is a major argument against the fabled “herd immunity” – this is fine if the virus doesnt change, but we know this one does, so immunity against one form might not give immunity against a new one.
    Sorry to be so pessimistic, but personally I am more worried now than I was back in March/ April last year


    1. I don’t think you’ve any need to apologise for being pessimistic – there’s a lot to be pessimistic about! Especially when we can’t close our borders to the numpties who either don’t know (or won’t recognise) that Scotland has its own laws and regulations and they’re obliged to follow them.

      I agree with much of what you say, and the new variant problem is one of the chief reasons for the accusations being made against WM.

      One point I would make is when you say “We are told though that the link between catching Covid and ending up in hospital has been broken,”

      Anywhere you read that, it’s a lie. Our own people are very careful to say no such thing. The link has been weakened but – they emphasise – it has NOT been broken.

      Hope that doesn’t make you even more pessimistic…

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  7. This is probably worth repeating from a btl contribution a few weeks ago for perspective:

    First source:

    By 31 March (2021) staff at the hospital will have carried out more than 32,000 outpatient and diagnostic appointments, trained over 6,900 healthcare staff and students, and vaccinated approximately 175,000 people across the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. The site has also supported the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service, with over 500 donations being carried out, as well as providing Occupational Health services for the University of Glasgow for nearly 1,000 people.’

    The same SG source states: ‘The total cost of NHS Louisa Jordan, including building work, operational costs and decommissioning, is expected to be in the region of £70 million which is in line with forecasted costs.’

    Second source: Huff Post, 25 March 2021, ‘Revealed: What Really Happened in the Nightingales – Government under fire as it is revealed only three of the hospitals ever treated Covid patients.’

    The article includes this: ‘The Nightingale Birmingham has NOT BEEN USED AT ALL throughout the pandemic’ (my emphasis). Huff Post reports that it was the ‘most expensive TO SET-UP at a contracted budget of £109 million’!

    So £109m just to set up compared with £70m to set-up and operate/deliver a range of services, and decommission!

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