BBC Gaslighting Scotland

By stewartb:

Are those in Scotland that still use the BBC as a source of news and current affairs information the constant target nowadays of something akin to ‘gaslighting’? Indeed, more generally are we experiencing the political gaslighting of a nation by a dominant, Unionist media? It is arguably so!

And the context for this is that many of the people being subjected to putative gaslighting have for over a decade given multiple democratic mandates to govern to one party, the SNP. The objective is to undermine confidence, trust and ultimately electoral support for the SNP and more deeply and insidiously – the ultimate goal – to undermine confidence in Scotland having the capability and capacity to be independent.

As we know, gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation. It is used to sow doubt in individuals or groups so they question, among others things, their ‘perception’ .

Potentially it sets out to generate this kind of voter response: ‘given this endless stream of bad stuff that I’m hearing/reading about Scotland how could I have been so deluded to vote SNP and even worse, how could I ever have considered voting for independence?’

Perception changes; beliefs questioned; confidence in prior judgements shaken; incline to return to (imagined) old certainties; alter voting intentions.

The gaslighting behaviour sets out to destabilise the target and delegitimise the target’s beliefs. In her book ‘Gaslighting: Recognising Manipulative and Emotionally Abusive People – and Break Free’, author Stephanie Sarkis describes gaslighting techniques. Written to explain the techniques as applied by one abuser to one individual or group, Sarkis’ list does however include some that can be recognised as being applied now within Scotland’s polity.

– Tell blatant lies – so we’re left never sure what if anything is true.

– Wear us down over time – gaslighting is done gradually so that even the brightest and most self-aware can be sucked in over time. “Like the proverbial frog in the pot of water, we don’t realise we’re being cooked until it can be too late.”

– Exploit the knowledge that confusion weakens people – by constantly questioning everything, gaslighters are able to uproot a sense of stability and normalcy – and so create fear. As a result, gaslighters can present as the ones offering to make things more stable.

So, can a nation be subjected to something comparable to gaslighting? And if so, is that what’s happening here and now? I fear it could be! Interested in others’ views.

9 thoughts on “BBC Gaslighting Scotland

  1. Had thought to respond to this when posted as comment, glad to see it promoted as a standalone article.

    “So, can a nation be subjected to something comparable to gaslighting?” – Brexit proves it can and has been, however what is most remarkable of all 5 years on is the resilience of the effects, despite the enormous harms done “sunny uplands” beckon.

    This site has undoubtedly accumulated the greatest body of evidence of psychological warfare on Scotland’s populace, the greatest volume of output being from the BBC in Scotland, but the collusion of London in reinforcing the lie is to say the least obvious, even from stations more renowned for critical analysis.

    Taking one simple example “What happened to Scotland’s ‘free from Covid’ hopes?”,, this remains parked in the BBC’s main Scotland webpage under “Coronavirus Explained”, but what exactly does it explain ?
    Variants are the problem, not London who helped it flourish?
    The speed with which the original piece was produced to seize on that WHO data snapshot was remarkable in itself, that the rest of the media nationwide and every opposition politician as far as Westminster jumped on it, not so much a surprise any more.
    London desperately wanted distraction from their continuing disastrous pandemic handling when they were trying to sell “freedom day”, whilst continuing the “see what a disastrous government you have in Scotland” campaign.

    The target is most definitely to fracture support for SNP, the clear and present danger to the State….

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  2. A low proportion of viewers. They hide the numbers of viewers. The numbers are so low. Most share information on the internet. Making the over 75’s pay a license fee and reducing pensions are not good policies. Older people vote. The Tories will be voted out.

    BBC Westminster controlled propaganda. Cost £5Billion

    The UK has the worst covid rates in Europe. The BBC try to hide the facts. Any diversion will do.


  3. It is not just the BBC who down Scotland and our government at every opportunity though, is it? If that were the case the target audience would be relatively small. This gaslighting involves almost every so-called Scottish newspaper and even extends to news output from local radio stations, who perhaps receive their news bulletins from some central source?

    Personally, I avoid everything BBC, a total blackout of their output, yet still have to search far and wide to find “good news”. This site and others similar provide confirmation that I am not alone and out of step with society as a whole but also reinforce that we are indeed being gaslighted, although it seems more of an all-out assault rather than subtle mind control.

    The perpetrators appear to control most of the levers unfortunately, which is really quite alarming. How do we combat that? I only have a small number of friends, relatives, associates, etc., much reduced since I retired and likely most of them are fed up hearing me letting rip. How do we realistically counter the propoganda and lies before it’s too late?

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  4. Ah but the big flaw they suffer from
    Is the simplicity of understanding cause and effect
    This virus is all too predictable
    And as cases surge in England ( The Cause)
    Then hospital admissions,ICU, Deaths and long covid follow ( The Effect )
    Not to forget the consequential amplifications that flow thereafter, such as severe economic damage and the terrifying prospect of the virus mutating with vaccine and pre infection resistance
    This virus is NOT like your standard enemy in a war
    Underestimate and play games with it
    Then certainty of terrible losses arise from which your society shall never recover

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  5. I think very large numbers of people in Scotland became aware of the contempt that most of the people in the news media had for Scotland and for the people who live here.

    Of course, it was always present in the preceding years and not just about independence for Scotland. It usually presented any actions which challenged the powers of Westminster or of employers or of landowners in a negative light. Trade Unions are portrayed as ‘bully boys’. Councils and public services have been continually denigrated. All forms of social security are seen as a ‘scroungers’ charter’. Attempts to deal with land reform is presented as a ‘land grab’, etc.

    The other side is the continual publicising of ‘celebrities’, ‘top schools’, the royals, wealthy people (e.g. Branson and Musk’s space adventures). These, too, are about ‘letting us know our place’.

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  6. The benevolent face of the once trusted Auntie Beeb has , in Scotland , been replaced by a very creepy Uncle , one who has a decidedly shifty look about him and who is not be left alone with the weans !

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  7. Very good article and comments. It’s a nightmare, and a dystopian situation for Scotland imo. I watched a short news item on Global news last night about the PM and his ‘freedom day’. It’s Great Britain, then Britain, then a ‘third of Britons’ have had 2 jags, then England. Honestly if you did not know better, there would be a ‘Britain’ consisting only of ‘England’.
    Here it is.

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