Corvid 19

Crow Bird’s Nest Soup

Scientists at Nanking University of Technology and Soup-making, have discovered that the first cases of Coronavirus were not the result of a leap by the virus from bat to human but from crow to human in infected Bird’s Nest Soup made with the nests of crows.

Professor Wuya of the Infectious Diseases Faculty at NUTS has suggested we rename Covid 19, Corvid 19, for greater accuracy and denies suggestions that his work is flawed or that he is raven.

Our Bird Correspondent, Dr Ann Chough, advises that we caw canny on Wuya’s recommendations.

Experts from the University of Gettingondown have suggested:

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      1. Is there a problem I’m not aware of John ? My comments have been sanctioned “Sorry, this comment could not be posted” for many hours now. And the comic part is this one will follow the same path… 🤣


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