Why are infection levels falling only in Scotland?

Note for public consumption, of course, but as you’ll see below, Covid infection is falling only in Scotland. In the other three, the level is still climbing fast.

The Daily Mail has a simple explanation:

Coronavirus cases have spiralled quicker among men in their 20s compared to women, official figures revealed today in another sign that Euro 2020 has helped fuel the third wave. 

Public Health England data showed 10,267 more young men than women were infected over the last two weeks, with the gender gap having widened since the tournament kicked off.  

Cases have remained roughly the same between men and women throughout the pandemic. But they began to diverge after June 13, when England beat Croatia 1-0 in their first match. Dailymail.co.uk: News, Sport, Showbiz, Celebrities from Daily MailPauseNext video0:28 / 1:52SettingsFull-screenRead More

Some scientists have already blamed the football tournament for driving a ferocious surge in cases, after people crowded together in pubs and homes to watch the matches and tens of thousands of fans packed inside Wembley for England’s six home games in London

5 thoughts on “Why are infection levels falling only in Scotland?

  1. Not rocket science
    Covid is evolutionarily pre programmed
    To behave as such oppurtunity presents and fully equipped to take full advantage of such situations as its host gather in close proximity in large crowds,even better for it when such groups are vociferous exhaling the virus with gusto polluting and filling the air for new hosts to breathe in or touch their face with viral laden hands
    On the very tip of a pin 1 million of this virus can easily be accomadated

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  2. Not really sure of the answer to your question. What did the regulars think?

    (I do wonder if they’d’ve blamed football if England had won.0

    “Coronavirus cases have spiralled quicker among men in their 20s compared to women…”

    On the above though…

    Have spiralled QUICKER”?!
    In fact the whole structure’s just abominable.Whatever they actually teach jounos these days, it’s obviously not grammar


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