BBC Tyne & Wear accused of failing to inform public

BBC Tyne & Wear has little to say as the region dominates the ‘hotspot chart’:

Though reporting on the area with by far the most Covid cases in Europe, BBC Tyne & Wear seems uttelry unconcerned.

They could learn from BBC Scotland, back on the 5th of July:

BBC Scotland has, of course, other things to tell us now we’re not top of the hotspots any more:

We have topped the vaccination charts too but it seems we have a problem with the young folk and Lisa Summer’s neighbours have two sons prepared to come on and say Nicola Sturgeon has confused them.

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4 thoughts on “BBC Tyne & Wear accused of failing to inform public

  1. These folks are as much victims of London led propaganda as Scots were from HMS Sarah Smith, that from Tyne & Weir is only the flip side, nothing to see here, move along.

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  2. I don’t think the BBC has ever been challenged by science, as they are being now. How to inform the public while not causing panic, and supporting a nationalist agenda at the same time?

    British is allegedly governed along the principles of utilitarian rationalism. Which although wholly inadequate to supporting social democracy, it is the most appropriate approach to tackling pandemics.

    Utilitarianism and the pandemic


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