Covid infections in England now 43% higher than in Scotland

BBC Scotland Compound

As of yesterday, Scotland’s seven-day rolling average of new Covid cases per 100 000 population fell below that of England.

The actual daily rate, yesterday (2 134 vs 30 619), was 43% higher in England with no sign yet of flattening, so the seven-day figure gap will widen markedly in the next few days.

Dare we wonder, will BBC Scotland notice?

There are early signs that Wales and Northern Ireland may have stemmed their surges.

BBC Health are studiously ignoring this, sub-consciously sensing the Tory threat to the licence fee:

BBC Scotland? Don’t be daft. On Reporting Scotland today, Gary Robertson was still claiming cases were rising and had to be corrected by the other guy.

2 thoughts on “Covid infections in England now 43% higher than in Scotland

  1. I’m shocked, mortified, dumbfounded. It’s actually been more than thirty years since I was even marginally involved in (a very junior role) supporting good public health. Which is why I’m certain it simply isn’t safe to trust English Torydum with your health, as they tend to believe in the superiority of human will over the laws of nature. Which is simply ideological mince, as it requires an irrational separation of human reason from its biological embeddedness.

    The Mosaic Theory of Natural Complexity
    A scientific and philosophical approach


  2. I note also the headline article “Covid in Scotland: Restrictions to ease but face masks remain” and “Covid in Scotland: What rules are changing, and when?” are being promoted with comments open, and they’re trying to resuscitate their bogus “GPs firefighting…” story…
    Naturally rent-a-mob went in heavy…..

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