Your ‘Scottish’ newspapers


The Times Scotland edition with a 20 page England pull-out and Westminster choirboys.


The Scottish Sun headlining with a story on the London Metropolitan police.


The Scottish Daily Express with a big spread on the England manager.

The Scotsman and the Herald have Scottish stories but they’re based on imagined storms and crises in NHS Scotland.

14 thoughts on “Your ‘Scottish’ newspapers

  1. “Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a far-off country called Scotland, the people enjoyed normal newspapers.
    The Scotsman was a “paper of record”, meaning its accuracy was beyond question or doubt.
    The Herald was one of the oldest newspapers in the world and had a reputation for excellence.”

    Then a Wicked Witch named Brittnatia O’Bias put a CURSE on the media, and so they could NEVER tell the people the TRUTH any more.
    The country was sad, but they just STOPPED believing in the fairy stories the lying media told them.
    The Hootsmon and Herod went into a huge sales decline, lots of honest journalists were sacked, and they were left with the Britnat cadres and scribbling dross to propagandize DRossy, Boris and the Greater Engurland nightmare.
    None of them lived happily ever after”.

    The End!

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  2. I am always amused by STV when having watched 20 minutes or so of Scottish news and weather,an announcer tells us,
    “And now the news”,at which point we are switched to England for “the news”.
    It is a cultural thing with many in the Scottish establishment where Scotland is not viewed as a country and consequently nothing of any importance happens here.

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  3. On BBC News website today the ‘UK’ page has the headline ‘Covid: Fully jabbed NHS staff may not have to isolate’. So a new four nation, UK-wide agreement? Well no: read on and it’s about NHS England only.

    Open the same website’s ‘England’ page – does the article appear? Well, no. No need: UK = England as I should already have known!

    This view – whether conscious or unconscious – characterises so much of the BBC’s editorial practices across its diverse outlets despite editorial guidance.

    The BBC’s Editorial Guidance states: “We should note that varying differences exist between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which principally include: (inter alia) health” It also states: “When our UK audiences are affected differently by a story or issue we are reporting we should make it clear. We should properly and proportionately label content that has limited applicability across the UK.”

    Properly and proportionately labelling headlines would seem to me to be important if adhering to these guidelines. Placing an article on health in England only within the News website’s England section would also seem logical – but only without a ‘one nation’ mindset.

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  4. Just to explain myself better. I’ve just had my second jab, so will need to return to Edinburgh shortly, where I’m not on-line. So I’ve been rushing at things a bit, in trying to point folks towards how to defend open democracy from neo-liberal nationalism. Which requires us to do a lot more to support a scientific world-view.

    Theories of behaviour and behaviour change across the social and behavioural sciences: a scoping review

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      1. Of course Edinburgh has all mod cons, but not everyone wishes to be on-line at home. Also, I’m in a wi-fi black-spot and I’m not sure if I’ll need to relocate back to Dundee in order to support my mum. So I don’t really want to shell-out for a land-line until things are a bit clearer. 😉

        Neoliberalism as a political theology of chance: the politics of divination


  5. With regards these rags 2 words instantly sprung to mind that encapsulates what they really are as far
    As Scotland concerned

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  6. Whilst on the subject of newspapers, there are some fine examples today of patriotic (English of course!) and jingoistic writing. No surprise. But it is in part feeding off what Gareth Southgate has been saying/ writing in recent days. I personally was very disappointed at his latest remarks.

    Torygraph headline: ‘Gareth Southgate summons the warrior spirit of generations past – Manager calls on nation to feel the PRIDE OF ITS HISTORY as his England team face their ultimate test in Euro 2020 final’ (my emphasis) What aspects of England’s history are relevant to a football match I wondered.

    There is the answer in this caption in the article: Southgate: “People have TRIED TO INVADE US and we’ve had the courage to hold that back.”

    And we’re told: ‘Gareth Southgate will invoke the “courage” of the WARTIME GENERATION as he issues a rallying cry … ‘ I assume he’s not talking about the Falklands, Iraq or Afghanistan wars. Is he empathising with the England fans who held up model Spitfires at a recent football game?


    Associated Press News goes even further – and seeks to include those beyond England – with this guff. In an article entitled ‘Southgate’s patriotism leading England into Euro 2020 final’ by Rob Harris, we learn this about England’s manager:

    ‘Patriotism sits comfortably with the coach at a time when Britain — a country made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland — is trying to redefine itself after leaving the European Union.’

    And: ‘Playing in a European Championship final on Sunday at England’s home stadium is a chance for Southgate TO TALK UP WHAT BEING BRITISH means to him.’ So is England’s manager talking for all across Britain now?

    The AP News piece adds: ‘Whereas predecessors as England coach would stick to talking about matters on the field, Southgate has often talked about the role of sports in uniting the country since the 2016 Brexit referendum.’

    Has sport really had a role in ‘uniting the country’? Is this the same ‘country’ which the author has just previously explained was made up of four constituent parts? Or did this ‘country’ just revert to being only England again?

    There is more on Mr Southgate: ‘And he doesn’t shy away from how the nation has been shaped by military conflicts — and the place victory over Nazi Germany in World War II has in the sense of nationhood.’

    Which victorious ‘nation’ is he referring to now – just England whose football team Mr Southgate manages? I thought folk from NI, Scotland, Wales (and the USA and Canada and NZ and Australia and India and the West Indies and Poland and France and Russia and .. and ..) all contributed to victory in WWII.

    Then we truly plumb the depths: ‘Southgate brought up how much it resonated that England beat the modern-day Germany 2-0 in the round of 16 at Euro 2020.

    “People have tried TO INVADE US and we’ve had the courage to hold that back,” Southgate said. “You can’t hide that some of the energy in the stadium AGAINST GERMANY WAS BECAUSE OF THAT. I never mentioned that to the players, but I KNOW THAT’S PART OF WHAT THE STORY WAS.” In my book that’s what’s known as ‘pandering’!

    The article goes on: ‘While politicians have criticized players for taking a knee, Southgate encourages them to use their platforms to campaign against racial injustice.’ And “That inclusivity is really important for us because I think THAT IS WHAT MODERN ENGLAND IS” Southgate said.

    Is this an example of what the AP News journalist was telling us about Mr Southgate’s wish TO TALK UP WHAT BEING BRITISH means?

    And Ian Murray MP gets all outraged and high minded on social media today about a humorous – and heartfelt and I suspect much felt – message on the front page of The National today pleading for Roberto Mancini and his Italian team to save us from 50 more years of English hubris.

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    1. Stewartb
      Let it be known that never ever can Gareth Souhgate speak for and on behalf of the Scottish nation or peoples
      He has no right whatsoever and never shall or his ilk have
      End of not negoitatable under any circumstance ever
      Assumptions in life are indeed a most dangerous thing


  7. Sunday the 11th…. a day which will always be remembered and possibly revered by English football supporters as either then the one that was stolen by the Italians and their complicit officials or alongside ‘The Darkest hour’ a time when once again their heroes overcame overwhelming odds to beat these dastardly Europeans. Can anyone tell me a TV programme today that will not mention G Southgate, his family, his past football history, his time with Bear Grylls on an equally bleak landscape , clairvoyants predicting an England win, half drunken supporters singing ”its coming home”, preparations for the game, what the players had for breakfast, repeats of 1966, Boris and the enivitable Queens honours to follow etc etc. Prepare yourselves folks for any ‘dodgy’ decisions that might damper the proceedings and recriminations and how as they saved Europe single handidly from the Nazis they should award England the game regardless and given the undoubted success all future tournaments should all be played at Wembley.


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