BBC Scotland trying to scare us with rUK trends

Only BBC Scotland is headlining this worry about infection levels supposedly spiralling cases when, in fact, all but BBC Scotland should be.

Here are the trends for the 4 Nations up to yesterday, 9th.

The trend in Scotland continues downward today, 10th, and for England anyway, it continues upward. The 7 day average infection level has now fallen for 9 days. I can’t see the data for Wales and N Ireland yet.

Yet, BBC Scotland only, report:

Health experts are “resigned” to spiralling Covid cases putting more pressure on health services in the coming weeks, it has been claimed.

It’s hard, so hard, when the actual news won’t fit your agenda. What is a poor BBC Scotland hack to do?

13 thoughts on “BBC Scotland trying to scare us with rUK trends

  1. You are right to point out the anti-Scottish propagandistic nature of BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs.

    If you look at the trends of infections over the various ‘waves’ of infection in the four countries, the pattern is that the nation which began to show a rise first is the nation which shows a falling trend while others are still rising.

    What has varied is the rate of infections (the ‘height’ of the graph) and the period of higher infections (the ‘width of the wave’).

    When you look at the accompanying trends for fatalities, the waves follow broadly the same pattern, but, in the cases of Northern Ireland and Scotland the rates of fatalities are significantly lower than those for England and Wales.

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    1. John
      I well aware of such
      The 2 ** can represent any 1 or 2 of the any alphabetical letters
      So it is solely how the reader of such interprets what the actual ** are


  2. I’ve suggested I’m not the pushy sort and wouldn’t be making a public spectacle of myself, if I didn’t know a bit about how to support inclusive and sustainable open democracy through science, law, and stuff. I appreciate that space and time are tight, and that this knowledge isn’t universally accessible. I also appreciate I may have taken a scenic route in re-connecting with this stuff, as much for myself as anyone else, and driven by the news narrative.

    Another thing I’m certain of though, is that politics which is divorced from material reality and grounded theory, is a direct route to a state of authoritarian stagnation, decay and social degeneration (see Brexitania).

    So I suppose I’ll need to go for the jugular. 🙂

    Theory and ontology in behavioural science


  3. BBC ENGLAND lead with news relevant to them. Hence, Euros first then covid. Cases rising? Oh well!
    BBC Hootsmon leads with whatever they can spin that is different to the official advice.
    Perspective–cases are declining, but for the BEEB Hootsmon they just “levelling off”.
    Context? Nope.
    Scotland, was last week, the “Covid Capital”, so it will stay that way in despatches, till the end of time (or independence).
    Official advice? Nope, here is Annie “Wishing” Wells with some incoherent bullsh*t!
    There you go. Licence fee? Tough tittie!

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  4. I’d noted earlier how HMS Sarah Smith were shifting stories between Scotland and it’s Politics page, now they appear to have twice vapourised (not demoted) articles and re-written the UK original with their new attack line, in this case using Prof Jackie Taylor to back up their original England only piece of “Our NHS is so screwed”.

    It now makes sense why they were so keen to play up the “code Black” business in Scotland, yet another Squirrel to England’s fatal condition.
    There is only one reason for Scotland’s spiralling Covid cases, Bloody Stupid Johnson.

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  5. On Indyref2 this morning a screed of criticisms of the Johnson/Javid plan, but also observations from English authorities on the dire circumstances of hospitals in England and ramping infection levels. Oxford is in dire straits with it’s worst infections ever, yet nothing in the mainstream media, as has been the pattern.

    It’s clear some of Scotland’s hospitals are struggling, but it’s also blindingly obvious HMS Sarah Smith have been instructed to distract attention from England’s even more precarious situation, and promote the Johnson view we should all “take it on the chin”.

    This from WGD yesterday, no better illustrates the idiocy in play, with the interviewer clearly toeing the official Bloody Stupid Johnson line.

    A final thought on the recent propaganda push over travel and tourism returning to normal (eg PQ on the Scotland-Politics page), how long before flights from the UK become blacklisted… ?

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  6. I also appreciate why some may consider me hostile towards Scotland’s independence, and the aim of this blog. Where as, I’ve been trying to point folks towards why Scotland’s government is unable to defend us from authoritarian English nationalism. British constitutionalism has become detached from the Natural law, so is no longer able to support democracy and public health.

    The New Natural Law and Evolutionary Natural Law


  7. Strewth, just when you think there is no wood left at the bottom of the barrel when along comes “Covid in Scotland: GPs ‘firefighting’ to cope with backlog in care”, the latest to be loaded into the HMS Sarah Smith double barrel of main and Politics propaganda channels, and desperate stuff it is too.

    Strange to recall when theatre was a rarity from the state broadcaster, yet now paying tribute to the late Kenneth Williams at the pinnacle of his career, “Infamy, infamy, etc…”

    Needless to say this pastiche actually tells the public nothing they didn’t already know, or doctors, or nurses, or the thousands involved from social care to track and trace, behold the classic inference so beloved of propagandists and Prime Charlatans alike, and those who’d begrudge a reward or a decent pay rise…

    It is not Scotland’s NHS which is disintegrating Sarah, but the last remaining strands of BBC Scotland’s credibility.

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