Scots accused of not loving England coach

Only 20 years after one England fan blamed Gareth Southgate for making him riot and getting jail time, because he missed a penalty, the England coach is on the verge of beatification. If they beat Italy and the Pope refuses him the honour, watch out for a pogrom or two.

YouGov have found Southgate to be more popular than Johnson or Starmer:

Tough one? Did they consider Drakeford or Sturgeon?

Anyhow, check the geographic breakdown:

What!!?? Less than half of those mean Jocks don’t love him and twice as many don’t know how they feel.

I wish they’d vote for independence. What are they waiting for?

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13 thoughts on “Scots accused of not loving England coach

  1. What will people in England do if they lose the footie? I mean, it’s gonna be bad if they do, a month of mourning, black arm bands, but never beaten and they won it really anyway, victory stolen from them.
    Oh god either way, it’s going to be excruciating for Scotland, and Wales. Helpppp!!!!!


  2. England won’t/can’t lose. Uri Geller has said so–and laser pens are selling out!
    It can only be STOLEN from them, by cheating referees or diving Italians.
    If they do, Boris will instigate a general mobilisation against the dirty Eye-talions.
    We have few soldiers these days, so regiments of marching bands, cohorts of Admirals, and divisions of Generals/Air force Marshals went head off to the Alps.
    No elephants, however. Just donkeys!


  3. Sorry for having taken up so much space pointing to the nature of empathy, but social recognition and care for others needs are necessary skills if we want to overcome neo-liberal nationalism. Empathy is grounded in biology and inescapably intertwined with culture, so it’s a bit much expecting Scots to feel warm and fuzzy towards Southgate.

    We significantly undermine the potential for collective social action if we empty culture of the capacity for genuine empathy. Btw, England’s cultural narcissism needs no additional encouragement, IMHO, as it is already well supported institutionally by the cultural perspectives of Britain’s justice systems.


    1. Sorry, I got carried away with trying to inform the debate with scientific reason. As global democracy is in serious trouble right now, as a result of the institutional retreat from material reality.


  4. They make derogatory remarks about Scotland. A draw.

    Denmark Own goal. 10 men. Fans abused.

    Does anyone love the other team coach ever?

    Downing Street decked out in flags. Total bias.


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