The best leaders Scotland has had in modern times

At first I thought: ‘fn cheek, they’re the only two decent leaders we’ve had, plus John Swinney.’

Then I thought, maybe, that’s what they pictures editor meant?

Then I remembered, this is in the Herald. They do mean to suggest that the above two are nae use.

Fn cheek.

The letter opens:

Much has been written in The Herald on the subject of the possibility of another independence referendum. It is clear that the positions of both camps have become more vociferous, entrenched and vitriolic, not helped by the apparent prevarication of Nicola Sturgeon, the animosity of Alex Salmond, and the asinine stupidity of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove et al.

The writer has clearly not forgotten Johnson and Gove but goes on to the usual moan about the SNP including the also asinine notion that the writer would not vote for independence under the SNP.

My dog, that’s positively OCD. Surely if you really want independence, that comes before any and all reservations you might have about individuals in the movement.

I mean, Kevin McKenna? Michael Fry? Richard Walker? Despite it all, I’d have independence under them as leaders. What if Monica Lennon came out and led the Labour Party to victory with a commitment to a second referendum? Great. Fine by me.

If the writer and the Herald think that Sturgeon and Salmond have not been the best party leaders Scotland has ever had, they really do need to get out more and read more.

4 thoughts on “The best leaders Scotland has had in modern times

  1. The media has a single idea of ‘leader’ – that of the ‘strong man’ as in Churchill or strong woman as in Mrs Thatcher. For ‘foreign countries’ such persons are called ‘dictators’.

    They never present the idea of distributed or collective leadership.

    In the one eyed Meehan view people need tar be tellt.

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  2. Letters to The Herald these days are usually a joint effort from Scotland In Union ( a Grassroots organisation set up to provide ex-Labour MPs with the sinecures that they have grown accustomed to ) and former UKIP /Brexiteers supporters who have an aversion to any form of democracy that is not fronted by a southern spiv with a penchant for hypocrisy .

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  3. If you can’t attack the party effectively, you know because most people see that the party in this case, the SNP are doing a damn good job of running the country of Scotland all while facing massive challenges of having a far right wing, disaster capitalist dangerous and backward looking, self centred ‘government’ next door, in England, so they go for the ‘leader’ and of course,
    use Alex Salmond to attempt to undermine the current FM, all because she is a huge threat to the BritNat state, that much is obvious.

    Nicola Sturgeon is an intelligent and effective leader and she even cares about people, and wants a more equal forward looking country, the opposite of what the English government aspire to and the Tories will never change, especially as they are backed up by their bestie pals, the red Tories.

    Scary times.


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