‘Past Glories’ of SNP pandemic measures?

In response to a suggestion that Scotland’s overall pandemic achievements, relative to the rUK, were ‘past glories’, regular Arty Hetty got a bit het up (:-)) but makes some important points worth foregrounding, minus a wee ‘jobbie’ at the end which I try to remove if I see one:

Here it is:

Past glories? Oh I forget, the media went out of their way to report the positive approach that the SNP took last year, not! The SNP government are however, desperately working round the clock to get our young people vaccinated right now. My two in their 20s just had theirs.
The SNP are most certainly not following a ‘herd Immunity’ policy, however the English government is!
Deaths, nor hospitalisations are higher in Scotland, cases are scarily high, but if you look at travelling tabby yesterday, many regions of England have similar numbers if not higher, and their population in most regions is not five plus million.

The thinking now is that the vaccination hugely reduces the effects of Covid, and therefore deaths. You can watch Dr. John Campbell, health analyst on YouTube he does a daily report about the pandemic. The delta variant is massively more transmissable, which is why people need to stop travelling about as if there’s no problem.
One thing, I have watched Dr. Campbell talk about Ivermectin, a common anti parasite medicine which has proven to reduce effects of Covid hugely, and is cheap and widely available, it is now being considered as a treatment. Apparently, a handful of people have become billionaires because of the vaccine, when certainly, there could be existing affordable meds used. The US are investing billions in producing anti virals, they obviously know something we don’t.

Scotland cannot close their border, and if the Scottish government imposed more restrictions, they’d be accused of wrecking lives and livelihoods again by the 100% anti SNP media. Unfortunately, tourist season is upon us, so this will continue to spread like wildfire for sometime to come. Deaths though, given the high number of cases, are very low so I don’t accept your accusations against the Scottish government at all. They really are doing their ‘best’ unlike the disaster capitalists in London, ‘but Boris is doing his best’, poppycock! The English government really have been and still do have a herd immunity policy, and not because they give one damn about people, quite the opposite in fact.

Lastly the Scottish government are working against huge odds, being held back by the English government, in terms of how they manage the situation, and also in terms of finance. It must be having a huge impact on Scotland’s finances and economy, and let’s not mention Brexit, absolutely catastrophic for Scotland. It’s bloody tragic it really is.
A pandemic is one thing, but to have to deal with economic annihilation because of the next door country’s backward choices, well it partly breaks my heart, and partly has me bloody raging.
Sorry long comment, SNP are not perfect, but

15 thoughts on “‘Past Glories’ of SNP pandemic measures?

    1. Sorry, Alex, but for some reason that reminded me of Discworld’s DEATH when summoned from a fancy dress party by the wizards!

      More seriously:
      1) I didn’t think anyone was suggesting we did
      2) Wise precaution. In fact, I was saying the other day that similar precautions every winter would probably cut down the annual flu toll, even when the threat of Covid (hopefully) subsides.

      I think part of our difficulties with Covid is that for decades now we’ve been in a world where there was an anti-biotic/viral for most things. This has taken us back to pre-19th Century when isolation hospitals etc was all there was.

      I vaguely remember similar from the 1950s/60s, but nobody much younger than I am will. This could be part of the “learning to live with it”/”New Normal”. (In which case, I’m claiming a head start! 🙂 )

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      1. “Sorry, Alex, but for some reason that reminded me of Discworld’s DEATH when summoned from a fancy dress party by the wizards!” 🤣 Ah, yes, the Light Fantastic….

        ‘I said I hope it is a good party,’ said Galder, loudly.
        He vanished, leaving only a cocktail stick and a short paper streamer behind.

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    2. We wear them outside as a habit now. They help with asthma, re cough splutter, too much car pollution, and hayfever, and, having been unlucky enough to be near people in the street sneezing violently recently, it’s essential really if you have low immune.

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  1. “”Lastly the Scottish government are working against huge odds, being held back by the English government, in terms of how they manage the situation, and also in terms of finance. “”

    Professor Sridhar has made those same points on various occasions during interviews. It is noticeable, however, that over the past few weeks she has all but disappeared from the airwaves. You might be forgiven for thinking that word has gone out to the broadcasters from on high not to use her because the last thing they want is someone of her standing stating the bleeding obvious on Prime time TV News.

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    1. My twitter was really weird yesterday, had only a brief look, and it was full of nasty full on anti SNP, and also nasty stuff about prof Sridhar etc. I was shocked at the level of hate, no idea where it all came from.


  2. Oh cringe sorry I was a bit het up John.
    One thing re the young being vaccinated, having accompanied sons there it’s all younger people at the centre, and it takes a while because unlike us older people, the young ones are asked to stay on for 15 mins post jag, to make sure they don’t have any immediate reactions.

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      1. We’ve all been asked to wait. That’s:
        Daughter, Pfizer (32)
        Son, Pfizer (46)
        Me, AZ, (over 21! 😀 )

        “By older I meant me I don’t presume everyone here is ancient.”

        Or, as my daughter recently put it, “Older people, in your age group – not you mum…”


      1. Thought it was just if you had the Pfizer jag that you had to wait for 15 min but my son, 43 yrs old, had AZ and had to wait for 15 min. Husband and I had AZ and were not asked to stay for 15 min post jabs. Maybe it is a more recent directive.

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    1. I and all the other 80+ people being vaccinated in late Jan (1st) and late March (2nd) were told to sit for 15 mins after and many asked if they were feeling ok as they left.
      Dont know if/when that stopped as usual practice.


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