Today, Burnham says ‘Avoid travelling outside the part of Greater Manchester where you live’

Andy Burnham’s Greater Manchester Combined Authority‘s website today is clear:

Avoid travelling outside the part of Greater Manchester where you live.

Yet, he has developed a spat with the Scottish Government which has merely repeated his advice.

Is he cynically using this as a way of promoting a leadership campaign when Starmer gives up after losing the Batley and Spen by-election? If George Galloway delivers the final cut by seducing the Asian vote with his pro-Palestine credentials, he must surely go and the combative Burnham will walk in.

Countless thousands will have been enraged by this fabricated controversy but hey, what does he care.

Oh, and the link to the UK Government advice doesn’t work. No surprise there then.

5 thoughts on “Today, Burnham says ‘Avoid travelling outside the part of Greater Manchester where you live’

  1. Jaw on floor at this, are we living in an alternate universe where someone very like Burnam threatened the Scottish government with court action for telling people to stay away from er, Manchester, to save lives.
    It was all over the BritNat media that Nicola Sturgeon was definitely discrimating against the good people of Manchester? Maybe not, perhaps, it’s like a weird sci fi film, where reality is mixed up with fiction, it’s just a dystopian nightmare scenario you can’t escape from, oh no that seems too close to the bone right now in Brexit Britain.

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  2. Breaking News :
    Andy Burnham has appointed Murdo Fraser as Greater Manchester’s Tourist chief for the ‘North’ – or Scotland as it used to be known .
    A visibly emotional Murdo Fraser stated that he was immensely proud to have been appointed as Manchester’s point man in the North as no one before has ever trusted him with any post of responsibility .
    When informed that Mr Burnham was a Labour Mayor Mr Fraser was adamant that they shared the same contempt for Scotland , its people and its Government .

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  3. Aye John, but to repeat, preceding these Union Unit theatrics Greater Manchester Transport had since the 9th of June to the present as a first line “Where possible please try to minimise travel within Greater Manchester and to areas outside the region to help stop the spread of new Coronavirus variants” – You can read the rest here…
    There is no way in hell Burnham as Mayor was not acutely aware of it, little wonder the Propagandists couldn’t pull off their usual Vox-pops.
    Mancunians must have been totally bemused by it….


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