Do BBC viewers know just what and where ‘our’ destroyer was defending?

So, a Royal Navy destroyer with a BBC film crew on board sails nearly 4 000 nautical miles to test the international waters next to the Russian coastline in the Black Sea.

The BBC report just has a wee local map but, as always, no context like this one below:

A week-long journey, using who knows how much fuel to poke the Russian bear?

Don’t we have better priorities for that expenditure?

Don’t viewers need to see just how feckin far they went?

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13 thoughts on “Do BBC viewers know just what and where ‘our’ destroyer was defending?

    1. Some simple basic facts
      HMS Defender entered Russian sovereign waters at 11.52 ,3km deep
      Approaching Crimean cape Fiolent
      A Russian border patrol ship fired warning shots at 12.06 & 12.08
      At 12.09 a Russian air force Su-24 M aircraft dropped 4 no.OFAB-250 bombs
      along the course HMS Defender was sailing
      At 12.23 after altering course HMS Defender left Russian sovereign waters
      Here is a summation of Russian military assets of Its Black Sea fleet and supporting forces
      7 Submarines
      43 surface warships and numerous surface support vessels
      25,000 Marines
      Since 2014 Russia has considerably modernised its Black sea fleet
      And now considered by NATO as the dominant naval power in these waters
      So much so that US tactics to counter are
      No longer of a Naval basis but one of stand off deployment of Long range Bombers with air launch Cruise Missiles
      In response Russia considerably increased its Land based Air defence
      By deployment of surface to surface and surface to air missile battery systems
      Fully modern and all excellently part of a formidable command control system
      With its S- 400 ,Bastion and BAL missile systems
      Along with strong electronic warfare capabilities
      Russia has effectively made the Black Sea
      A no go military zone for any Naval or Air
      Modernisation in all areas continue at pace with supply of latest submarines ,destroyers and corvette,s currently under construction
      The Su- 24 M That dropped the bombs into the path of HMS Defender
      Is currently being replaced by the Latest
      Su- 24 B for the entire air defence of the Black Sea Fleet
      So in conclusion the ABC ( BBC ) referral to the presence of a UK carrier support group in the Mediterranean as some sort
      Of implication that we could easily have struck back hard and fast is complete and utter nonsense
      Particularly so as Russia now has Chinese radar that renders UK carrier F35 stealth bombers literally useless given that Russia can locate identify Them now and launch a hypersonic surface to air missile
      Under a very sophisticated electronic command and control systems within seconds
      Leave you all to make up your own minds
      As to The might of our precioussssss Union

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  1. The Daily Mail, certainly the English edition, had a front page splash; with a report from their “man on board”.

    I don’t know who is swallowing this guff, but if the BBC & the Mail have a presence aboard a warship, in the Black Sea; why?

    The obvious answer, to me at any rate, is it’s a fully choreographed propaganda exercise. What are they up to elsewhere?

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  2. This is a BIG THING between legs syndrome
    And English warships are not equipped to go up against Russian Might

    Wat are they TRYING prove or start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. been there, done that, in 1970 the frigate I was on crept round North Cape with all comms and radar switched off, then 30 mls off Murmansk
    switched everything on, 30 mins later we had 6 Russian warships for company. The Minerva was on fishery protection patrol, although that escapade had little to do with protecting fishermen.

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  4. Seems as if this Strong Britain, Strong Nation also acts – and its media is outraged – when Russian warships sail close to the UK, even when they are transiting through undisputed international shipping lanes.

    This is from The Sun online, 22 July 2020:

    ‘RED SEA: Russian submarine found PROWLING English Channel as Royal Navy warships launched to intercept’. (my emphasis)

    This ‘prowling’ submarine however is reported in the same article as sailing in the company of its ‘ocean-going tug Sergey Balk’. Kind of significant to have a tug present when ‘prowling’?

    We learn: “It is the third time this year that Royal Navy warships have had to shadow Russian vessels PROBING British waters, …”

    ‘In March the Navy scrambled four frigates and five patrol vessels to shadow seven Russian ships which were “ACTING SUSPICIOUSLY” acting suspiciously.’

    And for good measure: ‘British ships headed out 31 times in 2018 to track Moscow’s vessels but just 11 times in 2014 to combat “bully” Putin’s “SABRE-RATTLING’”.’

    So ‘prowling’, ‘probing’, ‘acting suspiciously’, ‘sabre-rattling’ – descriptors that of course could never be applied to a vessel of the Royal Navy far from home in the Black Sea just off Crimea for the purpose of …!

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