‘Sturgeon’, ‘Scots’ and ‘SNP’ accused of trying to protect ‘Scots’

‘Sturgeon’, ‘SNP’ or ‘Scots’, everywhere blamed for making a decision to protect Scots but which inconveniences English holidaymakers. The terms ‘Scottish Government’ or ‘First Minister’ are avoided lest anyone think they might have a legal responsibility and a right to protect Scots.

Surely, BBC Scotland, a public service broadcaster paid for by Scots will offer a Scottish Government perspective?

Nope and their wee Breakfast TV broadcast insert managed 4 negatives on Scottish Government policy , in the space of only 2 minutes before the weather.

And, from this eminent member of the twitterati:

Yes Sir, We Can Boogie@msm_monitor First three stories on first Good Morning Scotland news bulletin this morning. 1. Attack on Scottish Govt pandemic measures by travel agents. 2. Attack on Scottish Govt pandemic measures by Andy Burnham. 3. Attack on Scottish Govt pandemic measures by wedding sector.

Who DO we think WE are? Eh? A First Minister of a devolved government making decisions that might affect non-essential activity in other parts of the UK?

Readers may remember, in previous exits from lockdown, English tourists turned back from Wales, either offended or just confused that Wales wasn’t in England with ‘same rules’ applying. The BBC’s ‘travel expert’ was little different in that colonial mindset:

I’ll stop there but I know you’ll have more examples.

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4 thoughts on “‘Sturgeon’, ‘Scots’ and ‘SNP’ accused of trying to protect ‘Scots’

  1. Remember when the polls showed a BIG majority supporting Sturgeon over Johnson?
    It isnt so long ago, but ever since then there has been a campaign of personal vilification of Sturgeon and misrepresentation of facts by the media–right across the board, not just the BBC.
    We found out a while ago that Johnson personally phones newspaper Editors to get favourable media treatment.
    We also know that the BBC is now a wholly-owned mouthpiece for the Tories and that Channel 4 is now under threat by them.
    Democracy relies on a free press we are often told.
    It would be nice if Scotland had a free and independently-minded media.

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  2. Yes, it was pretty baleful stuff this morning with Murdo Fraser and Jackie Baillie deploying the same argument about the road and the miles tae Dundee in almost exactly the same words.

    John Swinney was persistently interrupted and talked over when responding to questions.

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  3. 12 Noon News Bulletins

    Radio 2: Nicola sturgeon (sounding very much up for it) “i’m confused as to why Andy Burnham is complaining. We have used the same notification process as we did for travel restrictions to Burnley ”

    Radio Scotlandreporter quoted a selected part of Scot Gov statement. . . . We are in a pandemic, action has to be taken quickly.
    Followed by Jackie Ballie labelling the Scot Gov’s actions as hypocritical. Pointing out that infections are higher in Dundee.

    Both stations are BBC

    So in England the BBC’s reporting is intended to rubbish Burnham the Labour Mayor. In Scotland the target is Nicola Sturgeon and the Scot Gov. Both Targets are opposition to the Tories

    As John pointed out recently. . . . The BBC protects the Tories.

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