‘One step closer to ensuring parents get the time they need to grieve and process a miscarriage’

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Angela Crawley MP

From: snpmedia@snpmedia.net

SNP MP Angela Crawley will today present her Private Members Bill to change the law to ensure those who experience a miscarriage are given at least three days paid leave.

The MP for Lanark and Hamilton East has led the campaign to introduce paid miscarriage leave. In a cross-party letter to the Prime Minister, she highlighted that around one in eight pregnancies will end in miscarriage, meaning thousands of women and men are “suffering profound loss without adequate time to grieve.”

The SNP government is committed to introducing three days of paid miscarriage leave within the public sector in Scotland – but employment law powers to introduce paid miscarriage leave in the private sector, and across the UK, remain reserved to Westminster.

Commenting, SNP MP Angela Crawley said:

“Presenting my Miscarriage Leave Bill today brings us one step closer to ensuring parents get the time they need to grieve and process a miscarriage, without worrying about their finances and employment.

“Under current rules, the only way parents can get this time off is by requesting compassionate leave – which may or may not be granted – or take annual or unpaid leave. This isn’t fair.

“If passed, this Bill would see the UK follow in New Zealand’s footsteps and bring in three days paid leave for anyone who has suffered a miscarriage in the UK.

“The SNP is committed to introducing three days of paid miscarriage leave within the public sector in Scotland – but while employment law remains reserved to Westminster, only the UK government has the power to make this change in the private sector and across the UK.

“Parents shouldn’t have to wait for Westminster to act. I hope the UK government will back my bill and make this important change to the law – or, at the very least, devolve the powers to the Scottish Parliament so we can introduce it ourselves in Scotland.”


Cross Party Letter


Footnote: I’ve posted recently on how infant mortality, thanks to Scottish Government initiatives, is lower than elsewhere in the UK:



7 thoughts on “‘One step closer to ensuring parents get the time they need to grieve and process a miscarriage’

  1. Not mentioned in the bulletins today, but the Assisted Dying proposals from a LibDem MSP (which I support) were given a fair amount of air-time.

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  2. This rips my knitting, as it appears to acknowledge women are biological entities who have specific physical and legal requirements related to their biology. Yet the woo woo dictates that trans-women are women. So what’s it to be, as both positions are mutually exclusive?



  3. My little baby should have been 1 May 2021 but sadly I had a Misscarriage! My heart is so raw! I’m new to Blogging, part of me hopes it helps me heal! Im currently campaigning for a Dedicated Miscarriage Unit so women like myself do not have to deliver there Sleeping Babies in the healthy Labour Ward! I would love your support! X


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