Praise for First Minister ignoring Mayor of Manchester

Scottish Sunday Express

The Mayor of Greater Manchester is not happy. Why? See this from the Guardian rather than the above smelly rag:

Nicola Sturgeon has imposed a travel ban between Scotland and Manchester and Salford as a result of rising Covid cases. The restrictions, which will come into force from Monday, add to travel limits put in place last month as the Delta variant spread rapidly through the north of England. Speaking at her Covid briefing on Friday, Scotland’s first minister said: “Manchester and Salford currently have high levels of Covid and so from Monday onwards non-essential travel between Scotland and those cities is not permitted. Non-essential travel is already prohibited between Scotland and Bolton and Blackburn with Darwen.”

What are the data behind the decision?

A wee geography test for you. Which of the above highly infected areas, the most infected in the UK, is/are not near to Andy Burnham’s patch?

Yes, it’s Dundee in 9th place. Is that what Burnham means by double standards? Because we have one highly infected area already, we just give up?

Do you want out or nowt?

Scottish Sunday Express

13 thoughts on “Praise for First Minister ignoring Mayor of Manchester

  1. Ah but to change the words of a certain song
    “What has facts got to do with it ”
    Without going into the stats
    Norway paid a heavy price due to the Kent variant
    For over 8 weeks they outpaced Scotland
    In infections ,hospital and ICU
    Now well under control
    But very strict at letting anyone in from UK due to Delta variant that Bojo allowed
    In here with his delays
    Norway now has covid very firmly under control and outperforming Scotland seriously
    That is a FACT and has everything to do with (IT ) being Independent

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    1. You mean levels re restrictions? Not quite the same as being independent and being able to close your borders in any shape or form.
      The ScotGov are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, you just have to look at the BritNat media to see that. The NW of England’s infections is horrendous and has been for some time, right up to the border with Scotland, which is open. Ideally, Scotland would close the border right now, except for essential needs, we can’t do that, so the First Minister has to take what action she can to reduce infection rates in Scotland, and in Edinburgh, it’s really not looking good. The first port of call on their way up to the highlands, for English tourists who cannot go abroad because of Brexit and Covid? Edinburgh.
      Shame we can’t control levels of infection by restricting travel into Scotland for the time being, because the English governement have control over our borders, and the consequences are dreadful for the people of Scotland, and the right wing media bloody well dine out on that all the time, it’s despicable.

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  2. This has nothing to do with covid-19.
    This is a start of the next Labour party leadership election, in which Burnham (a disastrous English Health Minister) hopes to oust the wooden, hapless Sir Keir Starmer.

    And of course, our colonial media jump on any SNP-Bad story–context free: no right of reply–just BAD, BAD, BAD!

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  3. i have been looking at the rates of of infection and deaths in NW England and it’s really really bad. Our neighbours had their family visit recently from NW England, very irresponsible imo. Scotland is at the mercy of the English government, and is limited in what action can be taken to try reduce infection rates in our country, as has been said, the ScotGov are working with one hand (at least) tied firmly behind their back, even when it comes to saving lives. I feel a slight animosity towards those I knew who voted no in 2014, because we would not be in this terrible situation had Scotland had full powers to enact what was and is required when faced with such a dreadful situation as a pandemic. It’s really depressing in fact.

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  5. Having watched/listened to the exchange between Burnham and Nick (He said nothing) Robinson I’d initially thought this “outrage” was a Robinson creation, but as another pointed out, Burnham probably colluded to advance his chances in the Labour leadership stakes.

    That the BBC were ready to plaster this over UK and Scottish pages at such short notice is no great surprise being SNP-BAD, but Burnham avoided all mention of WHO has responsibility to inform him, which is LONDON.

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  6. If Scotland wants to get past covid-19 in good order, then I’d suggest it is best we don’t leave decisions in the hands of children who deny sex is a property of biology, or those who have an unreasonable hostility towards David Hume. Who’s philosophy of science was fundamental to the development of the cognitive sciences as we know them.

    The body social: an enactive approach to the self


  7. Humanity is unified through our biology, which also paradoxically defines our most basic differences, e.g. the biological differences between the male and female sexes (though ethnicity reflects biological variation it does not denote radical biological difference). These biological sex differences result in specific male and female nervous systems and correspondingly different brain architectures.

    These differences in brain structure are the principle reason females perceive things differently from men , as well as the differences evident in the processes of cognition, and judgement. Those who deny this and the significance it has on law and politics, should probably not highlight their lack of knowledge in public. As the rule of law doctrine was invented in response to the Nazis rejecting the link between liberal science and the justice of the Natural law tradition.




  8. Slightly o/t but for Andy Burnham to try to lecture anybody on health is astounding.
    It was he , when Health Minister in 2009, introduced legislation to privatise parts of the E.N.H.S, resulting in Hinchinbrooke Hospital, Cambridge, becoming the first hospital to be sold to the private sector, namely Circle Healthcare in 2010.
    Of course, when the Tories/LibDems came to power, they jumped on this with alacrity, and it continues to this day.

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