UK ‘Research’ group accuses only Scots of believing in a myth

On page 6 of this report by the British Foreign Policy Group:

The Britons who fall into the Isolationists tribe are most concentrated in the North of England
and least concentrated in London. But they are also over-represented in Scotland – emphasising
the degree of mythology underpinning the concept of a homogeneously progressive,
internationalist vision for an independent Scotland.

The report claims:

This report presents the findings of an ongoing partnership between the BFPG and Opinium
to investigate the complex, evolving nature of UK public opinion on foreign affairs. Opinium
conducts the fieldwork for the BFPG’s Annual Survey of Public Opinion on Foreign Policy and
Global Britain – the most comprehensive dataset of public attitudes towards international affairs.
To bring the results to life, the BFPG and Opinium have worked together to segment the UK adult
population into four foreign policy ‘tribes’
across the full spectrum of public opinion.

The fours tribes are the Humanitarians, Globalists, Patriots and Isolationists. The whole thesis is a bit dubious but leave that for further reading. What matters here is that only Scots are picked out as being prone to something mythical rather than factual. The word ‘myth‘ only appears once and related words like ‘irrational‘ or ‘confused‘ or ‘delusional‘ never appear. The social science narrative is only dropped this once to make a subjective value-judgement on the apparent truth of opinions held by those in just this one place – Scotland.

The authors feel free to discount Scotland’s internationalist vote to remain in the EU, our internationalist opposition to nuclear weapons, our demonstrably more humane, internationalist, approach to refugees and other indicators of internationalism, and accuse us of delusions. Among others, the utterly irrational underlying myths of Brexiteers receive no such condemnation.

The British Foreign Policy Group is funded by Strategy International, headed by South African-born Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL

Their National Engagement Programme is a partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the United Kingdom.

Why, in this extended report, would this group feel the need to undermine only one of their ‘tribes?’

Will Reporting Scotland’s wee folk spot this, understand this, report this?

14 thoughts on “UK ‘Research’ group accuses only Scots of believing in a myth

  1. The Englishman’s capacity to twist the truth and come up with the opposite to actual fact never ceases to amaze. They are excellent mythologists.
    The real myth is called the UK and it’s time to move on.
    Scotland wants to live in the real world, not an outdated, backward, isolated, far right wing British nationalist fantasy Island.
    No thanks.

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    1. A verse comes to mind :
      “You cannot hope to bribe or twist
      The honest British journalist,
      But seeing what unbribed he’ll do
      There’s scarcely any reason to!”

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  2. “…the concept of a homogeneously progressive, internationalist vision for an independent Scotland.” – this is the ‘straw man’ of ‘exceptionalism’ that the Bitter Together crew used to throw at supporters of independence, that we thought we were better than other people and not prone to the same human frailties.

    This is rich coming from people who sing “When Britain FIRST at heav’n’s command, arose from out the azure main; this was the charter the charter of the land and guardian angels sang this refrain, RULE BRITANNIA, BRITANNIA RULE THE WAVES”.

    And The Heid Bummer of this organisation is a Rear Admiral, so, he must believe the ‘refrain’

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  3. I noticed this in the foreword to the BFPG report:

    “The BFPG believes that a strong and united nation at home is the essential foundation of a confident and effective British foreign policy.”

    You just know what ‘nation’ is being referred to here … and it’s not mine!

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  4. ”Isolationist Tribe ” – if that means Scotland wanting nothing to do with the current Westminster chaos , incompetence , xenophobia and corruption , then I’m all for it .
    Put up a border if that will help !

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  5. I appreciate that last one was focused on American culture, but the principles and mechanisms are pretty much universal. The law as we know it, still has a way to go before it can consider itself to have dealt with its Enlightened sexism and racism, which are legacies of the Cartesian world-view. It is this outdated perspective that prevents western society from transcending structural patriarchy and racist parochialism.

    Marginalized identities, discrimination burden, and mental health: Empirical exploration of an interpersonal-level approach to modeling intersectionality


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