Scots expected to line streets with Union Flags to welcome ‘British Army’ arrival in Scotland

According to the Herald, ‘The Army‘ is being drafted in to help with Scotland’s vaccination roll-out this week. More than 60 members of the armed forces will be deployed to NHS Lothian and NHS Lanarkshire as part of ‘Operation Rescript’ for up to five weeks.

More than 60? 5 weeks? Wow! We only have 5 500 of our own full-time vaccinators so that will make a big difference.

The Scottish Army was not available for comment.


‘A written answer, as of a Roman emperor or a pope, to a query or petition in writing.’

So the Scottish Government petitions the British Army for help (did they?) and they send 60?

Operation Rescript involves up to 23 000 personnel.

7 thoughts on “Scots expected to line streets with Union Flags to welcome ‘British Army’ arrival in Scotland

  1. As of today Scotland / Million of population has completed 17353 more vaccinations than the rest of the UK
    In short England is 962571 vaccinations

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  2. A country has a national public health emergency. The same country has invested in training and maintenance of a standing, professional army. During the emergency, the government of the country mobilises some armed services’ personnel to provide support to the civil authorities. And so what is remarkable, what is newsworthy in this?

    Are the senior staff and members of the armed forces in the UK never just a little embarrassed by the political and media hype around their contributions?

    Here btl on 29 January 2021, I posted a note on the pandemic contributions of the Defence Forces of the Republic of Ireland, that country of c. 5 million people. I came across the information in the Kildare Nationalist of 29 December, 2020: I reproduce a substantial extract below just to make the ‘point’!

    “An average of 187 Defence Forces personnel have deployed on Covid 19 related supports on a daily basis since March. … involved in a wide range of Covid 19 activities that have included:
    – operation of the COVID-19 testing centre at the Aviva Stadium;
    – support for contact tracing efforts;
    – transportation by the Air Corps of COVID-19 tests to Germany;
    – collection of PPE from more than 260 cargo flights and the ongoing storage and distribution of this PPE to various HSE sites;
    – support for HSE testing efforts including through the deployment of Naval Service vessels to Dublin, Cork and Galway;
    – PPE training to workers at Cork and Waterford harbours by Naval service personnel;
    – provision of tentage and marshalling support at various HSE testing sites around the country;
    – transportation of patients for testing;
    – assistance with the fit-out of temporary facilities for the HSE (for example, the HSE facilities at City West and the University of Limerick);
    – production and assembly of PPE using 3D printing facilities; and
    – the use of lands at Ballymullen Barracks as a COVID-19 testing facility and contact tracing hub.
    (HSE = Ireland’s health service)

    In addition to supporting the HSE, the Defence Forces have also provided a broad range of supports to other Departments and Agencies. Provision of this support was also coordinated by the Joint Task Force. Examples include:
    – support has been provided to the National Ambulance Service through Defence Forces ambulance and crew supports along with tele-triage supports.
    – support to the Office of Government Procurement through assistance with storage and distribution of PPE.
    – Support to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government through the use of lands at Sarsfields Barracks for the location of one of the National Temporary Body Storage Facilities. The Defence Forces were also on standby to provide support if required at the Dublin based National Temporary Body Storage Facility at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham.”

    All so ‘normal’ maybe but how could an independent Scotland possibly hope to access support equivalent to that available in Ireland?

    And to add from an Irish government statement from 29 May, 2020 in the context of the country’s ultimately successful bid for a seat on the UN Security Council: “Since the first Irish troops first were deployed on UN peacekeeping operations in 1958, not a single day has passed without Irish participation in UN peace support operations. Over the past sixty two years, tens of thousands of Irish women and men have worn the blue helmets on UN peacekeeping operations. We are as proud of the blue helmet as we are of the harp or the shamrock.”

    The Scottish Defence Forces and the Government of our independent country should and could follow Ireland’s example in both regards.

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  3. Perhaps Price William will lead the troops on a parade.
    The last Prince William to lead soldiers through Scotland was,
    Ta Dah—-Prince William, Duke of Cumberland.

    That didn’t go well, as he embarked on a genocidal ethnic cleansing campaign, with few people and a host of foreign landlords with huge estates!

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    1. “with few people” should read “with few people left in the north and north-west of Scotland”


    2. gavinochiltree
      And that B***ard Cumberland still has a street in Edinburgh named after him
      I wonder how long a street in Dublin
      Referring to Cromwell would last


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