What about that Charlie?

As the UK establishment forces ponder what they can do about Scottish support for independence and decide to send a super-rich prince, to flaunt his wealth and sense of entitlement, in a country also moving to the republican left, I’m reminded of Frankie Boyle’s comments on Afghanistan and Prince Harry.

He said, as I remember it:

How can we teach the Afghans about democracy? I know, let’s send a prince to shoot at them from a helicopter!

A more subtle approach is proposed in our hilly wee land and this prince, though also helicopter-capable, will be helicoptered in for a more gentle charm offensive, exploiting any residue of sympathy for his mum, still lingering here.

But, wait, isn’t there something missing here? Why isn’t his dad, next in line to save us from our dreams? The surely-imminent Charles III has worn kilts more frequently than any other royal, fled here to escape Covid and was tortured in one of our ‘great’ schools. What more does he have to do to get the nod?

He has even presented our weather!

Prince Charles presents the weather at BBC Scotland

And, he has written 44 times to the Scottish Government to urge them to support the Soil Association: https://theferret.scot/private-letters-prince-charles-salmond/

The man is positively part of the landscape here.

Who’s up for a petition?

8 thoughts on “What about that Charlie?

  1. My first thought on reading the headline โ€œWhat about that Charlie?โ€ was that Gove had been caught at it again, how disappointing to find it was about the man Spike Milligna (the famous typing error) once described as “the little grovelling bastard”.

    The problem with Charlie is he is a known quantity with the infamous left hand in jacket pocket pose, they need someone who isn’t drawn to discussing things with plants such as clematis, Alister Jack and other creepers.

    Just no…

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  2. I have been practically a lone voice on Wings of late, suggesting pressure is applied to the Queen of Scots to get her English politicians to treat Scotland’s valid claim for a second referendum with a modicum of respect.

    However, I do not believe the lady who currently occupies the dual throne will ever act. However, given what he has done at Dumfries House, I do believe the present Duke of Rothesay, when he becomes King, might be persuaded to bring pressure to bear on Westminster to sort out Scotland’s position.

    The next but one King, the current Earl of Strathearn, is, I feel a lost cause – who sees himself as only English. So hopefully by the time he ascends the throne, Scotland might be independent and able to choose to be a republic if that is the wish of the sovereign people of this land.

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  3. The wee bit of the Times you can read for free, quotes palace officials as stating “the Union is based on a united monarchy as well as a political deal”.

    So there.
    Utter ignorance that the Union of the Crowns is different and separate in time from the Treaty of Union.
    Did Broony tell them this?

    Thereby ends the monarchy in Scotland, when we become self-governing.
    Boo-hoo !

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    1. I didn’t know that Scotland and England had a ‘political deal’ would love to know what that actually means. As for the ‘monarchy’, they have taken enough of Scotland’s land not getting any more, and they will need to pay huge rent and land tax when Scotland is independent, or, take a hike!
      Can Scotland just evict them please.


  4. “I ain’t no psychiatrist, I ain’t no doctor with degrees
    But it don’t take too much high IQ to see what you’re doing to me”

    I certainly can’t claim to being an academic, according to academia anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m not qualified to practice law. Though I do appear to have retained a working knowledge of post-modern critical social theory, a.k.a. the methodology of the oppressed. Which is nice. ๐Ÿ™‚



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