Matt Hancock “cack-handed?”

From SNP Media today:

The SNP has branded UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock “cack-handed” after he made crass, politically-charged comments about the UK’s handling of COVID.

Speaking at the Jenner Institute in Oxford, Hancock claimed “the union has saved lives” and failed to face up to the reality of the UK government’s mistakes made during the pandemic.

SNP Deputy Westminster Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“Matt Hancock’s bid to politicise Covid is distasteful and cack-handed in the extreme – as he rightly says, the virus doesn’t respect political boundaries, and countries large and small across the world have had to deal with the pandemic.

“There should be no crowing from the Tories about their handling of the crisis given the clear mistakes which have been made along the way, including the UK government’s failure to act quickly when it came to international travel restrictions, or to follow the Scottish Government proposal for hotel quarantine for all overseas arrivals.

“Matt Hancock’s comments also come after the UK Government was forced to come up with a proper agenda for the proposed 4-Nations Covid-19 summit because Boris Johnson was more intent on pursuing it as a PR opportunity than as a serious exercise. 

“The SNP and the Scottish Government stand ready to work with the rest of the UK nations and political parties to chart our way safely through the Covid crisis behind us – but that is not helped by crass comments like Matt Hancock’s.”


11 thoughts on “Matt Hancock “cack-handed?”

  1. Matt Handcock is, to get the chop,
    like “give them cake” his head will lop.
    When forced to hold a “blame” inquiry,
    The PM’s red-inked Cocky, in his diary.
    So Boris ain’t the foppish flop to drop.

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  2. Matt Hancock doesn’t appear to be up to the job, but I doubt he believes humans can change sex. So it might be an idea for the SNP to sort their own house out, before accusing others of not respecting boundaries.


  3. OT John, I note the BBC has gone full tonto on “Covid-19: UK open-minded on extending furlough says Michael Gove”, appearing on both main and politics pages of UK, Wales, NI and Scotland.

    The link points at news/uk – northern ireland, which explains the analysis by the NI correspondent, but they opened comments to the delight of the usual rentagobs, but it was the end paragraph which caught my eye:
    “The meeting is scheduled to take place in the early afternoon and will also be attended by Mr Gove, the chancellor and the secretaries of state for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales” – 6 Tories against 3 devolved Ministers, or should that be 7 Unionists against 2 ?

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  4. In fact, if the SNP doesn’t want to be accused of being crassly cack-handed themselves, I suggest they refrain from all mention of borders. At least until their policy framework can be considered compatible with international human rights law. Which means they’ll need to ditch the woo-woo, as well as their subservience to Westminster.



    1. You say you don’t wish to undermine the SNP, yet barely any of your profligate postings doesn’t appear to be ‘having a go’ at them?
      It gets a bit tiresome – but only in my own opinion, of course.

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      1. Perhaps, but I think the health of Scotland’s democracy is worthy of principled self-determination in its defense. Which is I why I feel compelled to point out the SNP couldn’t have made a bigger back-to-front of things if they’d tried.


  5. In light of the subject, it was fascinating to observe the political whitaboutery at FM Questions today, the laborious attempts to paint SG alone as responsible for the forced errors foisted on them by the likes of Hancock particularly excruciating.

    HMG always kick criticism of them into the long grass with a Public Inquiry, knowing full well the glacial pace of such mechanisms before they hobble (as they always do) the parameters of the Inquiry itself.

    I do earnestly hope SG do start their own official Inquiry as intended before the end of this year, if for no other reason than lay to rest the multiple stories which have been deliberately created over a dreadful event none invited to call.

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