How to not headline Scotland’s massive renewables wealth

Well that’s a not-very exciting headline. Will it get more exciting if you click on it?

Flag? That’s good. Is it a big flag?

Read on:

SCOTLAND’s renewable energy sector supports around 23,000 jobs across the country and provides a multi-billion pound boost to the country’s economic output a study has found. The Fraser of Allander Institute at the University of Strathclyde found that renewable energy businesses employed 6,440 people directly in 2019, on a full time equivalent basis, and had total turnover of £2.8bn.

Oh, so, billions? Think of mentioning that in the headline?


Is there more?


£5.2 billion? 22 660 jobs? Same headlines?


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14 thoughts on “How to not headline Scotland’s massive renewables wealth

  1. The successful satellite industry and the games industry could be added to the Scottish MSM ignored list of successful Scottish enterprises as could Orbital Power, a world leader in tidal energy technology .
    There again, the Scottish MSM do not even have a nodding acquaintance of success being propped up by a feudal masters.

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  2. For sever days now there has been a constant stream of letters in the Herald’s letters’ page all of which seem to be critical of renewable energy in Scotland. Strange. You might almost think it was a pre-emptive strike ahead of this positive report.

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  3. Just as oil and gas would have been “a problem” in an independent Scotland, so too renewable energy, say the doom mongers.
    The most abundant, and best, renewable assets anywhere in Europe, but it would be an expensive, useless, mill-stone round Scotland’s neck, if you listen to the Brit Nats—or read their letters in the colonial press.
    Or watch it on Repressing Scotland, the home of totally negative, depressive, ethnic finger-pointing, crapperoony news. Without context, perspective or verification (other than a Toadie “opinion”).

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  4. Just as well we can rely on John to correct them an REALLY talk up Scotland.

    Hope all you guys are sharing John’s good work. I try my best to.

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  5. Better Headline : ”We’re Doomed , Doomed !”

    Our British Oil and Gas will run-out soon ( or sooner if Scotland is Independent ) according to Professor of Nothing Annie Wells ,
    our British Renewables will run-out soon ( or sooner if Scotland is Independent ) according to Professor of Everything Pennington ,
    our happy British fish will run-out soon ( or sooner if Scotland is Independent ) according to Rees-Mogg ,
    our British Whisky will run-out soon …..

    However if we plaster Union Flags on these items they will become instantly world -beaters and the World’s markets will beat a path to our ( British ) door to buy these quintessentially British iconic goods – like Whisky and Scotc..British Salmon .

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  6. I’d posted 2 links earlier but currently stuck in moderation.
    The gist of the second was this-
    “Three of the biggest energy companies have agreed to build underwater power cables to bring Scotland’s vast reserves of renewable energy to every home in England by 2030”
    England is a net importer of energy already, that from Scotland distorted by the connection charge farce referred to in an earlier piece, and presumably this project will also be paid for by Scots.
    The reason there is so much negativity being spread is probably the same tactic they used for oil, “it’s worthless”…

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    1. Look forward to seeing the links…well sort of, but it’s really depressing and incredibly anger inducing that Scotland’s vast resources and vast wealth is being removed and squandered for the benefit only of England. The so called union is one sided and benefits only one side, while scamming Scotland out of £trillions in fact. Grrrrrr.


      1. The first was a similar article in the National minus the negative tilt “Renewables: Scotland’s green energy sector supports 22,000 jobs, figures reveal”, altogether more balanced.
        The second was a Twitter post on Indyref2 which I see Petra copied over to WGD.

        I don’t object to helping out the neighbours, but do object to the litany of lies and insults, and fenagling that accompanies it.

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        1. I don’t object to helping out the neighbours, but, Scotland pays for it, or rather is charged for it, paying much more to connect to the ‘national grid’ etc. Not sure there are many countries having their massive energy resources taken as a massive freebie by another country…and the English still think THEY subsidise Scotland, you could hardly make it up.

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  7. Revenues increased in Scotland £3Billion due to renewables. From £63Billion to £66Billion. Scotland could raise even more. Not paying repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. £3Billion on tax evasion. £Billion too much on Trident and Defence. Scotland cannot borrow to invest in the economy. Paid for in growth. Paying for HS2, Hinkley Point etc. A total waste of monies.


  8. For information/interest in the context of (what could/should be) Scotland’s offshore energy assets. As reported earlier this week by Energy Voice, the green infrastructure developer Cerulean Winds has gone public on a ambitious plan to ‘accelerate decarbonisation of oil and gas assets through an integrated 200-turbine floating wind and hydrogen development’ offshore Scotland.

    It is seeking £10 billion of investment for a proposed offshore wind initiative which it claims to have the capacity to abate 20 million tonnes of CO2 through two major projects. The proposed development involves:
    – over 200 of the largest floating turbines at sites West of Shetland and in the Central North Sea feeding power to offshore oil & gas production facilities with excess power exported to onshore green hydrogen plants.

    – ability to electrify the majority of current UKCS oil & gas production assets as well as future production potential from 2024 to reduce emissions well ahead of abatement targets.

    – 100% availability of green power to offshore platforms at a price below current gas turbine generation through a self-sustained scheme with no upfront cost to operators.

    – the development of green hydrogen at scale with £1 billion hydrogen export potential.

    Cerulean anticipates: ‘No subsidies or CFD requirements and hundreds of millions of pounds to government revenue via leases and taxation through to 2030.’

    A company spokesperson states: “We have a transformative development that will give the UK the opportunity to rapidly decarbonise oil and gas assets, safeguard many thousands of jobs and support a new green hydrogen supply chain.”

    Cerulian is being advised by Société Générale, one of the leading European financial services groups, and by corporate finance advisors to the energy industry Piper Sandler.


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