Creep feeding his own myths?

The SNP has said Douglas Ross faces a ‘big test’ of his promise to stand up for Scotland’s farmers ‘every single time’ in the face of a Tory trade deal with Australia which would see Scotland’s beef and lamb farmers undercut – threatening their future.

Writing in the Scottish Farmer magazine in September 2020, the Scottish Tory leader penned an open letter to Scotland’s farmers promising that he would stand up for them on a bigger platform.

However, he has been silent in the face of proposals in the Tories’ trade deal with Australia that would see Scotland’s farmers undercut as part of a zero-tariff deal for imports to the UK.

Last week, President of NFU Scotland Martin Kennedy told Good Morning Britain that farmers feel a ‘total betrayal’, he was joined by NFU President Minette Batters who said the zero-tariff proposals would be ‘unbearable’.

Commenting, SNP MSP for Perthshire South and Kinross-shire and former sheep farmer Jim Fairlie said:

“Douglas Ross made this promise to Scotland’s farmers just eight months ago and wrote to farmers in my constituency promising to be their champion. This is a big test for that promise as farmers face the prospect of being undercut by beef and lamb imported tariff-free from Australia.

“There are severe consequences for Scotland’s farmers if this deal goes ahead as it could push them out of business, that would be a complete betrayal of the industry.

“In the face of these dreadful proposals, we have heard nothing from Douglas Ross despite his promise to stand up for farmers ‘every single time’ – now is the time for farmers to have their corner fought for.

“Scotland’s world-class produce has already been under threat with our seafood industry being sold down the river, we cannot have the same outcome for our farmers and their fantastic, high-quality beef and lamb.

“We cannot trust Douglas Ross and the Tories with Scotland’s farming sector, they must urgently rule out tariff-free access to the UK that would seriously impede our home-grown produce.”

6 thoughts on “Creep feeding his own myths?

  1. Dross can only be considered as none other than a glove puppet sat upon the wobbly knee of Boris the Ventriloquist
    And as such it is a complete act of futility to expect any words of actual reality to part his bumping gums

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  2. DRossy:–

    “I talk tae the coo’s,
    but they don’t listen to me.
    I talk tae the sheep,
    but only get back a bleat!
    Boris hiz nae time fur me,
    My gushing rant’s are in vain
    I wid talk tae ma’sel,
    but ma’ pish talk, is always a pain”!

    Lyrics by Robert Goulet, amended by the Ochiltree houlet.


    1. I don’t remember that being an ‘argument for independence’ can you supply the info/facts? Not many countries are totally ‘self sufficient’ in food, if any really.

      Scotland could definitely produce alot more of their own food though, using polytunnels and with soil improvement. Need the land for that though, and as you might know, masses of the land in Scotland is ‘owned’ (thieved) by rich English and their pals around the globe.
      I want to see more land taken back, and smallholdings to be commonplace, (crofts!) you know those things the Tories laugh their thieving heads off at, ha ha ha! in the HOC’s. More allotments, more houses built with space to grow your own, non of those tenements and high rises that the BritNats built en masse for the people of Scotland, no gardens just ‘drying greens’ if they are lucky.

      Scotland when independent can export and import goods and produce, that trade thing countries do, and when an equal member of the EU, that’s 27 countries with which to do trade!
      Scotland needs to take back control, to coin a Tory phrase, of their land, buy it back for a penny an acre.

      The future you propose is not ‘history’ but that’s what the Tories want to do, Scotland is on a life affirming forward looking, outward looking path, so er, it’s a no to Tory English rule from me, ta.

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      1. As i remember Business for Scotland have said demonstrated that Scotland produces much more food per head of population than England

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  3. Now that the Tories are the party of the Working class (in England), they need to get them cheap food. . . and don’t need the Farmers.

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