‘Charles’s undying love for Camilla caused his arranged marriage to crumble without the help of the BBC!’ Wronged academic comes to defence of BBC

Those who know me from back then may find this a surprising move but I’m going to defend the BBC on this one.

Why is it a surprise?

Full story at:


Anyhow, that was BBC Scotland not ‘The BBC’. I’ve often noted the quality of news reporting by BBC Wales and even by BBC UK when they inadvertently broadcast something good about Scotland just before Reporting Scotland comes on to tell a lie about the very same thing.

Back to the point, is the BBC in any way to blame for ruining Princess Diana’s life? I didn’t have to think hard before wondering, wasn’t it getting married to a dysfunctional being in a horrifically dysfunctional family wot did it?

Our Royal Correspondent, Lady Bernadette Porter-Robertson of County Donegal, told us: ‘That family is feckin toxic!‘ before directing us to this important and reliable source which she and her husband take regularly:

But, as royal enthusiasts know all too well, Charles’s undying love for Camilla causes his arranged marriage to crumble.

More at:


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15 thoughts on “‘Charles’s undying love for Camilla caused his arranged marriage to crumble without the help of the BBC!’ Wronged academic comes to defence of BBC

  1. Correct!

    Back in the 1990s, my wife and I were on holiday in Austria and, in Vienna, visited various palaces of the Hapsburgs In one, the guide narrated an account about the wife, by an arranged marriage, of a future monarch who continued to consort with his true amour. The rejected princess who was ‘incarcerated’ within a section of the palace, started to ‘brief’ against her husband. My wife said to me, “This sounds like what is happening to Diana Spencer”.

    She was destroyed by her husband and the system into which she had been married.

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    1. The establishment had to ensure that a successor to Charles was in place and once she had served that purpose was surplus to requirements.
      The Royal “family” is an organ of state and does not function as a normal human family.

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  2. John,
    The many facets of your article have made this cynical old Scotsman smile all morning.
    Right up there with Shakespeare’s “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him”.

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  3. I find it difficult to find any sympathy in my cold heart for the BBC , whether London or Pacific Quay based.
    However , I find this ‘BBC baaaad story’ a little convenient for the Tories as it shifts public ‘interest’ away from the many, many negative stories circulating about their openly corrupt Government .
    But the goldfish memory of the UK Media will soon shift again to another ”important public interest ” story which will dominate headlines for a day or two .

    The Beano was a more socially responsible publication than almost all of the UK print media .

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    1. Yep it’s a convenient distraction. The BBC taking a kicking, it won’t harm them, they are propped up by their masters the Tories, and work in their interests. This saga is a well timed well orchestrated faux bad BBC, to take away the reality of the English governements’ horrendous corruption.

      As if folks don’t have enough of their own problems, loss of jobs, loss of any welfare/social security to fall back on without getting on their knees and even then they are humiliated, left begging, unable to pay essential bills, no money for basics, food etc. Human rights have been scrapped for the poor already really.

      The UKOK is sick, always rewarding the rich, punishing and blaming the poor. The royals are rich off the backs of the people, living lives of luxury, you could hardly make it up. Their reputation might be slightly tarnished, but they are still living in massive palaces, with servants, and it’s the 21st century, and many people worship them from their tiny cold BBC wall to wall living rooms.

      I personally find it all abhorrent.

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  4. The Royals are part of the system which troubled their mother. Trying to find a scapegoat is just ridiculous. Harry has left. His wife got the same treatment.

    Al Fayed the biggest arms dealer on the planet.

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  5. As a Scot
    This whole matter is considered as a affair solely for our neighbours to concern themselves with.
    Therefore it is NOT my place to comment but merely observe

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  6. I have always felt some sympathy for Charles. The Establishment would not allow him to marry Camilla, because she: “had a past.” So, they had a search, found: “the last virgin in England” and the marriage was on – although there was a slight concern, as her mother had been: “a bolter.”

    Diana did her bit, she produced an heir and a spare. Then, if she had had more than one working brain cell, she could have played the game – separate households, her own life and interests – just turned up on time for the Festival of Remembrance, the Cenotaph ceremony, Trooping the Colour and the State Opening of Parliament.

    Provided they didn’t do it in front of the horses or the servants, she could have had all the lovers she wanted – she would have been looked after. At the same time, Charles and Camilla could have had the time of their lives and be left alone.

    But no, she believed her own publicity and caused no end of bother for the Establishment. She also had the “Dirty Digger” on her case – cue the ensuing carnage.


  7. Whit?
    The ONLY Prince and future King Of Engerlund not to have a wee fancy wumin stashed away? His Royal Nookie-ness.
    Even Phil the Greek had a supposed long term “liaison” with a ballet dancer.
    And wasn’t this Camila’s family “trade”?
    And did Charlie-boy tried to get the hubby (his pal, apparently) out of the country?

    Royals? A pornographers dream family!

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