Are Media losing confidence in attempt to blame SNP for Unionist riot?

The above in the Herald has quickly fallen down the page from the headline slot early this morning. Did the day editor think that appearing to side with the rioters might be a step too far?

Before any more on the coverage and contrary to BBC Scotland editorial guidelines, at the top of this page, here’s what a Scottish Government spokesperson said:

“At a time when people have missed funerals, not seen loved ones in care homes and postponed weddings, it is not right that we make an exception to the rules for football fans. We also received advice that there was an increased likelihood that large numbers of supporters would gather outside the stadium if they knew some were permitted inside. Despite our clear public messages and continued work with the club calling on fans not to gather illegally in large numbers, the selfish and irresponsible behaviour seen on Saturday endangered the lives of others – supporters, the police on duty and the wider community.”

How many informative and accurate headlines are in that paragraph, unless of course you have a different agenda?

The above on BBC Scotland’s website suggests that, other than on Reptilian Scotland and Good Mourning Scotland, BBC Scotland have had similar thoughts after publishing their first stab at blaming the Scottish Government with quotes from the club before going on to only let us hear the truth, well down the page. See below:

Interesting photo shot above. Why not these from the Record below?

Riot police called to Glasgow carnage as blood-soaked Rangers fans fight  with bottles in boozed-up title celebrations
Some injured fans needed to be taken to hospital

The often more stridently Unionist Scotsman seem to have abandoned the notion and risked their admittedly small Glasgow readership with:

12 thoughts on “Are Media losing confidence in attempt to blame SNP for Unionist riot?

  1. The very last thing any Unionist should adorn is a football shirt draped with a Union flag
    Because it,s terrible enough when their side is losing
    But OMG they do make such terrible winners
    One conjures visions of jubilant Nazi SS units let loose upon recently conquered lands and peoples of the Whermact Blitzkrieg
    Oh well they do have these days such rare opportunities to display their arrogant triumphalism both in the political arena and upon the football field

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  2. The Herod is notorious for having sacked an outstanding sports journalist, Mr Graeme Speirs for having the temerity to criticise Rangers for their attitude towards sectarianism
    and then sacked Ms Angela Haggerty from a different title, for having tweeted support, as an NUJ member, for Mr Speirs.

    Mr Speirs is a sincere and practising Christian and a lifelong supporter of Rangers.

    The Herod stable actually has a “Rangers Correspondent”.

    This is a unionist title run by nasty sectarian bullies.

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    1. I had intended to continue, but was interrupted by a telephone call!

      Mr Speirs actually is a Protestant, a Baptist. Many of those amongst the rioters are not Protestants but anti-Roman Catholics and, particularly anti-Irish Roman Catholics. The songs being sung were most certainly not from the Church Hymnary, but about killing and maiming Roman Catholics and celebrating the deaths of Roman Catholics during the ‘Great Hunger’ in Ireland.

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    2. Alisdair . . . My recollection of G S leaving the Herald was way back in the late 90’s soon after he had ridiculed Scots taking pleasure in our rugby team winning the grand slam.

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      1. Clydebuilt, it was more recent than that. It was 2014/15 or thereabouts. Angela Haggerty would have been at primary school in the 1990s when Scotland won the rugby grand slam.


  3. Of course Rangers fans acted irresponsibly and yes Rangers F.C. should have had better arrangements than just allowing ten or fifteen thousand people to congregate at their stadium.
    I also think that Scottish government and the police should have prevented this huge crown from marching into the city centre of Glasgow we all knew well in advance that this was going to happen.
    Fans , club, govt, police all failed in my opinion and yet we are seeing lots of people making it a fans & club versus govt and police issue.

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  4. Rangers FC could stop a lot of this nonsense by having a Catholic priest bless the crowd before each game.
    Maybe not,can imagine the response if they lost.
    Something has to be done however to de-couple religion from football and remove the excuse used by thugs to justify their thuggery.

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    1. bringiton , i dobt think a catholic priest blessing people before a game would help matters.
      The football supporters involved are not supporters of religion if they were they would not behave this way .
      The whole catholic v protestant thing is a political invention always has been it was used in the past because religious leaders had such huge influence on people communities and society in general , it no longer has the same influence but politics keeps it going knowing that they can still divide communities with this nonsense its nostalgic nonsense “ the shirt my father wore “ huge flags and emblems etc etc , politics uses the newspapers and the good old BBC to support the division in communities , the house of lords still has bishops etc

      Education is not working fast enough to change things
      We will at some point have to confront them make arrests and imprison offenders hopefully before someone gets killed


  5. It’s all going to get much worse. Religion, football, violent thugs on the streets of Scotland, for the BritNats what’s not to like. What or who is their grievance with? It’s all orchestrated, the Scottish police would need to be able to find the ring leaders, and there are always ring leaders, but they might have to travel to find em.


    1. Arthetty
      It is patently obvious that the behaviour of so called celebrating fans that from on high the pile of tinder dry pile of heavily losing unionists and their lackeys in the form of so called football fans have the blue touch paper lit
      All in order that we on the yes side will react with counter demonstrations of violence
      Thereby enabling the other side to declare that we are scum,thugs and then roll out invented stories of association with known terrorists, Russia and China
      The big give away is the amount of MSM coverage which was scant,non analylitical and quickly dropped down the agenda and finally ignored of the weekend scenes in Glasgow
      Just think if this was a AUOB march
      What explosion of pre constructed script
      Would have been handed to the MSM
      Why because the conductor of the unruly mob quickly dropped his baton and departed their lectern
      Very early days but the explosions at Peter Lawells house are potentially a very
      Sinister development
      If so the rapid increase and type of underhand methods does not bode well
      The British Empire has a terrible historical record of such nefarious actions in times of desperation and its authority seriously challenged
      And believe me the Yes movement is indeed has the London elite now confronting the most serious
      Challenge they have confronted since Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army at Derby
      Know Thy Foe
      They know full well the price of losing Scotland
      Bankruptcy,No nuclear weapons,loss of UN security council permanent seat,standing and prestige of World standing as they collapse
      into their grave,which incidentally they have been busily digging for themselves particularly so since the advent of N.Sea oil and the theft of 46 billion barrels of it
      And their subsequent contempt of Scotland in full knowledge that they cannot possibly rob us this time of our vast resources of renewables
      The once mighty Bear is caught in the Gin trap of its own making and awaits its demise now
      But in such a condition and as far as we are concerned this angry beast is at its most dangerous
      So in conclusion Do Nothing to provoke it
      Leave well alone and let the beast exhaust all its energies till death ultimately impacts When the Blue of the Union Flag has to be removed


  6. Looks to me like it’s being set up to create an ’emergency’ so that WM can take over policing etc, and override Scottish Law. Especially as regards protests.

    Since WM seems to claim everything by putting a union flag on it, are we to assume it’s a UK Better Together disgrace. And do we really want to be in aunion like that one?


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