‘Stench grows stronger by the day over Johnson’s suppression of watchdog findings’

Mustique beach with white sand and palm trees
Mustique: Photograph: BlueOrangeStudio/Alamy Stock Photo

From SNP media:

The SNP today demands Prime Minister Boris Johnson immediately releases the findings of a parliament standards watchdog report into the mystery bill for his holiday to Mustique 16 months ago.
According to newspaper reports, commissioner for standards Kathryn Stone believes Boris Johnson’s luxury Caribbean holiday was worth more than double the £15,000 he declared in the Commons register.

Ms Stone also said the bill for the trip to the private island with fiancee Carrie Symonds in 2019 had not been picked up by Tory donor David Ross as the Prime Minister has claimed.

Mr Johnson is reported to have suppressed the report for months, refusing to accept the watchdog’s findings in the hope of having it overturned so he can avoid the devastating embarrassment of being suspended as an MP.

Commenting on the latest revelations, SNP Westminster Depute Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said: “The rank stench of sleaze around this hapless Prime Minister grows stronger by the day.

“Whether it’s COVID contract for cronies, texts for tax breaks, cash for curtains, or £30,000 luxury holidays paid for by mystery donors, there is something rank rotten at the heart of his Government.

“The latest allegation that he has suppressed for months a devastating report into his finances seriously undermines trust in politics and politicians. He must publish in full the watchdog’s findings immediately.

 “The public has a right to expect their Prime Minister to know if his luxury freebie to a private Caribbean island was worth £15,000 or £30,000. The public also deserve to know who actually paid for it – along with the reported £200,000 to cover the lavish refurbishments of his official flat and for a personal nanny, cook and trainer.

“While millions of families across the country struggle to get by and the Tories systematically erode the social security safety net far too many people rely on, Johnson can jet off for a luxury freebie in the Caribbean apparently without caring what it costs or who is paying.

“The SNP will continue to press for a full independent inquiry to get to the bottom of the growing number of Tory sleaze allegations. Nobody is above the law or parliamentary rules. He may believe otherwise but the rules also apply to this sleaze-ridden Prime Minister.”

6 thoughts on “‘Stench grows stronger by the day over Johnson’s suppression of watchdog findings’

  1. Johnson and his cronies’ first line of defence is to lie.
    When that fails,they follow it up with a public enquiry announcement scheduled for some distant future date.
    Responsible but not accountable.

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  2. Expect a ‘distraction’ soon to take the pressure off this suppressed report !

    Maybe a wee planted story about Nicola Sturgeon not declaring a croissant which she was given during the election campaign , witnessed by Alistair Carmichael and backed up by David Mundell with ‘proof’ of said violation covered up by the French Ambassador !

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    1. I’m expecting something simpler along the lines of {startled shock} “Oh! That was just for me. Do you mean I was supposed to claim my mistress’ half too? Erm… Who paid it? Erm… Carrie…, who paid for that jaunt to Mustique?”

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