A third Johnson delay risks another spike and border controls

For the third time the PM has allowed his debt to business interests delay crucial decisions to control the virus. You can see from the graph above, clearly, that India should have been put on the red list at least two weeks earlier when Pakistan and Bangladesh were added on the 9th April.

For political reasons, a trade deal with India, he delayed until it was too late and infection rates were many times higher than in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

All three have links with large communities in England and, of course on the Southside of Glasgow.

We now face a real possibility of closed borders again:

A serial offender, a risk to public safety, but still popular in England.

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8 thoughts on “A third Johnson delay risks another spike and border controls

  1. They were being economical with the truth about infection rates in India.
    Their traffic light system was always going to be open to this sort of abuse and the only hope was that the “Oxford” vaccine would cope with any varients which were subsequently imported.
    Not looking too good on that front.


  2. I am sick to the back teeth commenting on the health,economic and social needless damage inflicted on Scotland
    By the dilly dallying of this Buffoon of a so called Prime Minister
    I assure you behind closed doors some at least in SAGE have repeatedly warned him of dire consequences of late action
    The big issue is such on the record or not
    I suspect not because if it is then it hangs Boris
    The trajectory this virus follows is so predictable and I have continually successfully predicted what has already happened
    Such is easy peasy and like taking candy from a kid
    I do not wish to scare any
    But regards this Indian Variant a most important fact has to be established and if so then we and the whole world is in a most serious situation
    Is this new Indian one a 3 fold mutation
    We already know it is at least 50 % more
    Infectious than the now dominant Kent variant which is a fold 2 variant
    If this Indian is a further mutation of Kent,S.African or Brazilian variant
    Then without doubt it is a Fold 3 one
    If such and given its highly infectious transmissible properties
    Then it absolutely certain a fold 4 mutation shall arise from it
    And that mutation WILL be able to evade
    Vaccines and our immune system which enables it to succeed in re infecting previous covid victims and all who are vaccinated
    This is unthinkable


    1. People like Whitty and Vallance should be disassociating themselves from Govt.decisions but instead they give credence by sharing the podium with Govt.
      Indeed, they should have been doing so almost from the get go.

      The mantra of ‘we provide advice and the govt. makes decisions’ has worn thin.

      They will be hung out to dry by Johnson, if necessary.


  3. There are reports of a cluster of cases in Fife caused by the Indian variant and in London.

    This article from the Guardian shows the location of outbreaks in England associated with the Indian variant. Not good, not good at all. For ‘responding calmly’ read ‘Asleep at the wheel…again’


    How often does Prof Sridhar et al have to tell them ‘Act quickly, act early’ before Johnson gets the message?

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  4. If only we had a working constitution and a political class that had not grown accustomed to placing their politics above the rule-of-law.

    Making the Right to Health a Reality :
    Legal Strategies for Effective Implementation

    “The right to health, similar to other economic and social rights, is not always codified in domestic law. However, as this paper seeks to demonstrate, this does not mean that health rights are incapable of adjudication and enforcement by courts.

    Analysing the jurisprudence of commonwealth and other courts on issues such as AIDS/HIV the paper will assess the approaches of a number of jurisdictions to protecting health rights and suggest legal strategies for effective implementation.”


  5. So many people will ignore the buffoonery of boris because they love brexit and so many will ignore his buffoonery because they love his refusal of a S30 these two issues make him indestructible to unionist voters who even look the other way as more people die of COVID not much we can do to change it


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