‘Inappropriately touching women’ OK for a Lib Dem/ Tory alliance, Willie, Douglas….Anas?

In 2018, this man was found guilty of inappropriate behaviour toward four women in a context of his greater power. His several offences included putting his hand down the back of a woman’s top. In the above report:

The Standards Commission for Scotland ruled that Cllr Moore made “unwarranted and inappropriate physical contact” with Cllrs Bell and Speed, along with two council officers.

Moore was suspended from any role in the administration but not sacked as a councillor or as a Lib Dem member. He quit the party in March and has now joined an all-male Conservative/Independent coalition to keep the SNP out of office.

Neither Willie Rennie nor Douglas Ross has commented, as far as I can see, but they had plenty to say about another man who has admitted inappropriate behaviour toward women:

Rennie, perhaps predictably given the Lib Dems history of ignoring paedophilia in their ranks, focused on the threat to their representation:

Scottish Labour are not averse to a dodgy coalition either:

I wrote in January this year:

Scottish Labour leadership hopefuls Monica Lennon and Anas Sarwar have been challenged by the SNP to uphold the suspension of nine disgraced councillorsAfter a shocking 40 months of inaction by the Labour leadership, the nine councillors were formally suspended from the party in October 2020 for propping up the Tories in a power-sharing deal on Aberdeen Council. The group caused outrage by claiming “the Tories have done more to improve the lives of people in disadvantaged communities in Aberdeen than the SNP have ever done”.

Monica Lennon, that reminds me:

From the above report:

A Labour MSP has said she was sexually assaulted by a senior male colleague at a party. Monica Lennon told the Sunday Mail that she was groped at a social event in 2013 in front of several witnesses. She said she made an initial complaint to Scottish Labour but decided not to progress it because she felt she would not be believed.

Can? Worms?

6 thoughts on “‘Inappropriately touching women’ OK for a Lib Dem/ Tory alliance, Willie, Douglas….Anas?

  1. BritNats, above the law and holding onto lucrative jobs, disgusting. No court case for them, they are unaccountable.
    It’s a case of, brush, carpet.
    Tory, Labour Tory and Libdem Tory sleaze, all in it together. Taking the absolute pi** out of the people of Scotland.

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  2. They know full well that no matter what and how much dirt they sweep under the carpet
    That the MSM are by their subtle reporting are in fact the Steam Roller that quickly flattens and rolls out any resulting visible bumps in the carpet
    All so Normal service can resume and it,s
    Business as usual
    But never when a Leak from a most suspicious source blackening our SNP or movement
    Then a army of carpet lifters miraculously appear with heavy lifting equipment mainly in the format of the ABC (BBC) usually ending up in a 1 hour long much pre advertised special report and investigation
    Pretending to be Judge and Jury of their convened Kangaroo court
    Not believe me Think A.Salmond

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  3. They talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

    Just a wee report for you, Lanark this morning woke to find butchers aprons all over the town. Was not a lark by unionists, this was done with ladders and most too high for people to remove. Plastered also on roundabout, direction signs, too many to count. This must have been sqaddies at Westminster’s request. Yet Lanark as far as I know is an SNP town???

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    1. Les Wilson
      This in all probability the start of a campaign to get some of YES side to react/ provoke a negative response
      Then paint us as criminal terrorists
      To let MSM talk up narrative and set in everyone,s mind that a referendum is a wildcat one
      Know thy foe tis a clever salmon that will not rise to the fly cast upon ots waters
      The Salmon knows there is a hook awaits
      Its impulsive actions
      Stay calm
      Force them always to act and make mistakes


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