Reporting Scotland: Less than 1 in 200 nurses consider quitting

From a survey not being reported anywhere else in BBC Scotland and unmentioned by BBC England or Wales, Reporting Scotland have chosen to use this unreliable wee poll suggesting that ‘more than half of nurses have considered quitting their job this year.’

There is no sign of the actual report with methods and data we can consider.

So, just knowing it’s a trade union survey, we’re left with three obvious concerns.

First, there are 63 178 nursing and midwifery staff in Scotland. The Unison sample of 500 is only 0.8% or less than 1 in a 100. 56% of those were considering quitting, 280, 0.44% or less than 1 in 200.

Second this is a self-selecting sample inevitably skewed toward those unhappy with their jobs.

Third, if you ask people ‘have you considered quitting your job‘, the response will be higher than the number really planning to do so.

I’ve said before, a 16 year-old’s Modern Studies project would have to meet higher standards than most trade union ‘research’ happily reported by BBC Scotland.

6 thoughts on “Reporting Scotland: Less than 1 in 200 nurses consider quitting

  1. What the lying so called media do to undermine the SNHS is really despicable.
    There will be no NHS to complain about once the English government get theit internal market bill fully operational, what will the liars in the media tell people then.

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  2. The post SG election pattern of education failure and collapsing NHS stories is pretty obvious now from HMS Sarah Smith, their move toward unsubstantiated verbal reports they presumably hope evades closer scrutiny or analysis, the propaganda equivalent of sniper fire.

    An aspect another viewer picked up from the report was an assertion from the Union that “..our nurses are underworked”, implying lack of good management hence falling job satisfaction and resignation, playing directly to the Tory “poorly managed NHS” line.

    This sounds like a distortion of something else from an original survey possibly even from another time, so I’m not so sure Unison are driving this rather than Sir Smirkalot Bowie and his chums…


    1. Bob
      Snipers never win a war
      And dependence on sniper fire is a sure fire sign of considerable weakness
      More positivist attributes in winning are
      Unity of purpose
      Excellent command structures
      Self belief
      Know thy foe
      Do the unexpected
      When successful throw the kitchen sink
      As well at you foe,be ruthless
      Apply overwhelming force
      In defeat DEFIANCE
      In victory Magnamanity except for traitors


  3. ‘Perspective’ is a word seemingly unknown to Reporting Scotland’s editors.

    Published on 26 March 2021 on behalf of NHS England is this:
    ‘Turnover to (sic) the NHS by staff group and NHSE region, March 2019 to March 2020. (See: ).

    This tells us that:
    – for all staff groups, across all NHS England: staff leaver rate = 10.1%
    – for Nurses & health visitors, across all NHS England: leaver rate = 9.9%
    – for Midwifes, across all NHS England: leaver rate = 10.6%

    A similar report published on behalf of NHS England on 5 January 2021 (‘Annual turnover to specified groups, September 2009 to 2020 PQ133258’) also has leaver rate data for nurses & health visitors. During the eleven year period, the leaver rate for this staff group has ranged between 9.6% to 11.7%.

    What percentage of those who ‘think about leaving’ their NHS job actually go on to act on the ‘thought’ within say, the year i.e. have an impact on the NHS? Did the BBC consider this a relevant research question?

    “Thinking’ about leaving a job – about changing jobs – is really not a high bar if my personal experience is typical!


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