‘Forcing people to starve because they were late to a Job Centre did not appear in a Tory manifesto’

On hearing the Queen’s Speech, SNP leader at Westminster, Ian Blackford, responded:

Boris Johnson has completely failed to deliver the investment and change required to build a strong, fair and equal recovery. Instead the Tories are imposing the long-term damage of austerity cuts, Brexit and a power grab against Scotland’s will. The Tories are repeating the same mistakes they made after the last economic crisis, by forcing through damaging cuts that are threatening Scotland’s recovery. Instead of building a fairer society, the Tories are entrenching inequality and pushing people into poverty by imposing a public sector pay freeze, cuts to Universal Credit, and an “efficiency review” of public services. This should have been an ambitious plan for an investment-led recovery – with a major fiscal stimulus to create jobs, raising incomes with a real living wage, and boosting NHS and social care investment to the levels we see in Scotland. Instead the Tories are imposing cuts, introducing Trump-like voter suppression and attacking the rights of refugees.

The people of England’s council were certainly mislead.

In Scotland, the Tory manifesto mislead by simply being empty. From Bella Caledonia:

There is one thing that you must understand about Tory manifestos: they don’t contain the most important policies. The Poll Tax did not appear in a Tory manifesto. Increasing tuition fees to £9,000 per year did not appear in a Tory manifesto. Forcing people to starve because they were late to a Job Centre did not appear in a Tory manifesto. The Green manifesto put the economy first. The SNP manifesto began with their response to Coronavirus, the Liberal Democrats, education. The Tories are the only party to put independence front and centre. The only Holyrood party with “an obsession with another divisive independence referendum” is the party in blue.


When the SNP proposed scrapping dental charges, the first question that followed was ‘How are you going to pay for it?’. Yet, no one asks how the Tories will pay for their tax cuts. Will abolishing the Education Maintenance Allowance pay for their proposed cut in Land and Buildings Transaction Tax? Will cutting the Scottish Child Payment fund business rates relief? Why should someone who hasn’t seen a dentist in years because they were feart of the cost, pay for tax cuts on property deals worth over £250,000? The Tories don’t tell voters these things, so we have to guess.


From the IFS:

The Scottish Conservatives aspire to cut income tax for the higher-income half of Scottish income tax payers (the highest-income quarter of all Scots) – 1.2 million individuals – leaving it slightly lower than in the rest of the UK for all taxpayers. But this is not a firm commitment. It would cost around £400 million a year, and the Conservatives say they will only do this ‘when we can afford to do so’ and ‘in the event that tax revenue outstrips public spending demands’. They would seek to do it ‘by the end of the parliament’, but it is hard to see how this could be achieved given existing commitments – on the NHS, schools, local government and other taxes – without cuts to at least some areas of public spending.


Misleading, lying is in their DNA:

Nearly 90% of Facebook ads paid for by the Conservative Party in the first few days of December contained misleading claims, an investigation has found. First Draft – a non-profit organisation which works on debunking fake news – analysed every ad promoted by the UK’s three main political parties on the social media giant in the first four days of December. It found 88% of the Conservative’s Facebook campaigning pushed figures challenged by Full Fact, the UK’s leading fact-checking organisation. By comparison, First Draft said that it could not find any misleading claims in ads run by Labour on Facebook over the same period.

Investigation finds ‘88% of Tory ads misleading compared to 0% for Labour’

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7 thoughts on “‘Forcing people to starve because they were late to a Job Centre did not appear in a Tory manifesto’

  1. Yes yes yes but this is all boring now , we know all this we have known it for decades i see no point in continually standing up in westminster saying this same old stuff it gets us nowhere , a Scottish independence referendum is what is needed snd a withdrawal of SNP from westminster will show people they are serious and will end this farcical repetition.
    The argument that being there impresses our disagreement with tory policies is hogwash


    1. True what you say TC, but with almost half the people of Scotland who are either no voters or dithering, I wonder what more can be done to fend off the very rich very powerful regime in England, with 100% media on their side right now.
      We need to open more peoples’ eyes to more Tory destruction of the very fabric of society, too many are blinkered, perhaps they are very comfortable, people can be very selfish. I despair, I’d have thought support for independence would be at least 60% after Brexit, and then Covid.
      The juries out re SNP MP’s walking out of Westminster, what would it achieve the BritNats would have a field day, in fact with their bullying, ridiculing and outward contempt of SNP MPs, its most likely what they hope will happen.
      Dealing with powerful British Nationalist bullies, requires exposing them for what they are. Most people don’t like bullies.


    2. “Yes yes yes but this is all boring now , we know all this we have known it for decades”

      *You’ve* known it for decades, but not everybody has. How would they? They don’t watch WM proceedings and the activities there aren’t broadcast by the the beeb.

      Personally, I think the whole of the Scottish contingency – preferably the entire opposition – should lean back, close their eyes and ask to be woken up when the tories/PM are showing the courtesy and respect expected in the house. And are prepared to answer the question, rather than blow the parliamentary equivalent of playground raspberries.

      Or maybe just say “If this is how the Minister for the Union shows his passionate love for its constituent members, thank God he hasn’t decided to demonstrate lack of consideration for our different needs.”


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