What does this have to do with us: Manacled to a mediaeval empire of ugly bling nostalgic for its bloody empire

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The Magnificent Maharajas of India — REENA AHLUWALIA

The above three images, in terms of aesthetics, taste, style, all the same?

Left school with no qualifications, worked in the park, Labour MP, John Francis McFall, Baron McFall of Alcluith PC, now the Lord Speaker. Went to St Patrick’s so probably not a fan of the ‘Queen’s Eleven’ back then.

Ah, the Empire. Remember the Empire? Why don’t we have the Empire back? Because:


Get me out of this place!

10 thoughts on “What does this have to do with us: Manacled to a mediaeval empire of ugly bling nostalgic for its bloody empire

  1. What’s the ‘queens signal’? Two fingers at the poor plebs?
    Btw, Craig Murray has been sentenced to 8 months in prison. The pile on anti Nicola Sturgeon on the comments of his blog is a site to not behold.
    Me thinks this is a great ploy to demomise the FM. Apparently, according to BritNat freedom for all fighters, it’s all her doing.

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    1. Also imo it’s a travesty that C. Murray is facing jail when there were people who really did breach rules/laws when the A. Salmond trial was taking place, they walk free of course.

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    2. Thanks for the info re- Mr Murray.

      Must check if the full judgement has been published yet. Expect it to an important and interesting read.


  2. We live in the days of the dying embers of European empires.
    Most European countries have moved on,except it seems for England’s Tories who are stuck in 1066 and all that jazz.
    Unfortunately it seems their delusional aspirations seem to chime with the English electorate.
    We really are two different countries and despite the efforts of British Labour,in particular,to paint us Scots as being part of Greater England i.e. solidarity with workers in Hartlepool etc,the defection of their supporters to the Tories in N.England shows us differently.
    Any fleeting ideas Scots had of empire are long gone,hopefully never to return.

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    1. My friends in Northumberlad are horrified at the Tory regime, traditional Labour voters they don’t admit they are useless though.
      I am sure the BritNat media will have bigged up the Tory vote in their media and I’ll hear the false Tory vote is healthy in Scotland mantra, again.

      Scotland needs away from the yookay pronto.


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