Has India’s infection rate peaked at just over a quarter of England’s in January?

After several days of clearly slowing, the rate of infection in India looks like flattening with 28.5 and 28.6 per 100K, in the last two days. This contrast with the rate of 95.8 in England on January 10th.

The death rate always lags behind falling infection rates but seems unlikely in India, at 0.28 per 100K, to reach the horrific heights of 2.02 in England at the end of January, 7 times higher.

I appreciate there will be under-counting of the figures in India but that has happened in England too.

6 thoughts on “Has India’s infection rate peaked at just over a quarter of England’s in January?

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  2. There is so much to unpick here John, but principally London’s level of infection etc never did reflect that of England (despite some highly dubious counting constraints imposed by the Gove manipulation factory) any more than Delhi with double the urban population represents India. (minus Gove – lucky them)

    The current Moray outbreak may be a reasonable example since it is beyond the distortions of the London Spin Factory, it is not ALL Moray infected but a pocket, by a Delhi measure less than one street.


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