Fascists playing the system to effectively deny pro-Independence/Green voters

former British National Party activists : MunchBunch (@Munchbunch87) / Twitter

Many thanks to Annie McIndoe for feeding us this story.

We heard a lot from the Scottish unionist parties about Alba and the Greens playing the system but this is astonishing.

In the very high quality Open Democracy, yesterday, by Peter Geoghegan:

When I unfurled my two-foot-long, peach-coloured list ballot paper on Thursday, my eye was drawn to a logo of a leaf with ‘Green’ in capital letters. This was the ‘Independent Green Voice’. Thanks to investigative site the Ferret – which, full disclosure, I chair – I knew that Independent Green Voice was a tiny party whose five candidates included two former British National Party activists and a man accused of Holocaust denial (he denies the allegation). But did all Scottish voters know this? There are plenty of signs that they didn’t. While far-Right candidates such as Britain First leader Jayda Fransen won just 46 votes in Glasgow, the anti-immigrant, anti-EU Independent Green Voice won thousands of votes. How come? How many of these voters thought they were voting for the Scottish Greens? These voters mattered. In Glasgow, for example, where Independent Green Voice took 2,210 votes, the Green Party fell 914 votes short of a second seat on the regional list. In South of Scotland, the Greens were just 115 votes short of taking a seat. Independent Green Voice won 1,690.


This is an extremely serious matter. How on earth did the Electoral Commission allow this?

Why are the Greens not taking action? Are they?

13 thoughts on “Fascists playing the system to effectively deny pro-Independence/Green voters

  1. Even the ”Electoral Commission ” is not neutral when it comes to opposing Independence .
    They have been exposed before with their demands to review any ‘question’ put forward in a referendum – just use the one that you advocated in 2014 !

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  2. Do any honestly believe the electoral commission is not tweaked by MI5
    The elite know full well that a Vote for Scottish Greens is a vote for a Indy Ref
    Also they well aware in certain key list regions that cleverly denying a few thousand votes succeeds in preventing
    2 to 4 Scottish Greens MSP,s
    And that could have been absolutely critical
    Know Thy Foe

    So happy that SNP strategists have woke up by setting the Narrative on the SNP and Green majority to legislate for a Referendum
    This tactic has put to the sword The No
    Naarative that it would be a Wildcat one
    We now have NO in a corner and only 3 ways out for them
    1.Face and gamble in court,no matter the judgement they dammed
    2.Kick the can right down the road so that behind the scenes they can move the goal posts
    3. Once Holyrood votes thru a referendum bill Their move next and a very high risk of checkmate for them
    So we should with appropriate speed bring the Bill for a vote
    Always hit your Foe when they reeling
    I quote JFK now
    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
    Will make violent revolution inevitable ”
    And that is the Enigma Westminster now confronts in Todays modern world
    One wrong move by them and they shall hang

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  3. Retweeted this to the ‘electoral commission Uk’ a few times, if they do not do a full investigation and put this right, it’s clear they effectively allow fraud in Scottish elections. The number of fake parties on the ballot was just ridiculous, even just taking time to find the correct one to put your X next to was a challenge, nevermind for those who might have difficulty reading etc. Quite deliberate obviously.

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  4. The whole D’Hond’t system is rigged. 1 million votes go in the bin, To let 3rd rate losers in, The Greens benefit from the system. A complete and utter joke. To benefit losing Unionists. What a farce.

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  5. Electoral Commission have a lot to answer for, not just for the Scottish Greens but in how they treated Alba too.


  6. The real Green party should be filing a complaint about this. I knew about it before hand and intended voting for the real party but even then, had to look twice when casting my vote and almost went for the wrong one because it stood out at the top of the paper and had a ‘green’ logo (their intention; I know). If I was aware and nearly fell for it, I can garauntee there were others who did. All that to the detriment of the Scottish Greens – this is a matter they should be addressing as they lost two seats as a result.

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